Private: How High?

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Dates: 25 Nov 2013
Times: 10.30 & 1.30pm
Running Time: 55 mins
Age Range: 4-9s

Half Moon presents
A Theatre Jemilda production

How High?

A magical show for 4-9 year olds that explores children’s relationship to the world using the concept of height.


How High? image

From fairy tale giants, to the tallest buildings. From the highest of high jumps, to growing up. This magical show for 4-9 year olds explores children’s relationship to the world using the concept of height.

Hetty loves to measure things. She measures in feet and hands, in sausages and snails, in butterflies and Barbies. Her Uncle Magnus travels the world in his hot air balloon, searching for the tallest things he can find, sending her leaves from lofty treetops, snow from the highest mountain and stories of giants and trolls.

Join Hetty as she explores the world of height and meets an extraordinary new friend. Where does he come from? Why is he here? Is he the tallest boy in the world? All will be revealed in this charming, moving and very funny musical show.

How High? uses a modern re-working of a traditional Nordic tale with the help of gentle audience interaction to make sense of Hetty’s upside-down life. How High? is performed in English and a secret troll tongue, with live music and an 8 foot performer who just wants to have a friend to play with.

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How High? is one of our Half Moon presents portfolio shows which tour the UK. Occasionally, due to demand from local schools or other community groups, we add performances such as these to our season. If you would like more information please visit our venue programming or schools booking pages.

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