Dramatic Maths

A curriculum project which engages KS2 children in maths through drama, storytelling and problem-solving. The project uses fairytales as a stimulus, as the children become detectives tasked with solving mathematical mysteries to help the story develop. The context provides lots of opportunities for students to learn about other areas of the national curriculum, such as history, literacy, geography and weather, whilst discovering key facts and figures relating to maths problems. The final day for each class incorporates a presentation in assembly, using the drama skills the children have developed to bring their achievements to life for the rest of the school and their families.

Dramatic Maths

This programme can run over a term or just a few workshops to support the curriculum delivery of maths outside the classroom environment. The programme wherever possible has teacher input from the outset to ensure the sessions are tailored to the needs of the participating children.

In the 2014 Spring Term we worked with St Paul’s, Arnhem Wharf, John Scurr and St Matthias’ Primary Schools in Tower Hamlets and Grange and Snowsfields Primary Schools in Southwark. The programme worked with over 350 children in Years 3, 4 and 5 thanks to funding from the Mercers’ Company, the Peter Minet Trust and the Newcomen Collett Foundation. Three of the schools experienced the performance of How High? as a kick-start to the programme.

Across the 2014 Autumn Term we worked with St Matthias, John Scurr and Marner Primary Schools and Blue Gate Fields Junior School in Tower Hamlets and Snowsfields and Tower Bridge Primary Schools in Southwark. All of these schools as well as St Agnes, Mayflower, Redlands and Arnhem Wharf Primary Schools in Tower Hamlets experienced a performance of How High? thanks to funding from the London Mathematical Society.

In the 2016 Summer Term we worked with Snowsfields and Tower Bridge Primary Schools in Southwark and St Helen’s Primary School in Newham. We worked with St Matthias, Marner and Stebon Primary Schools in Tower Hamlets in the 2016 Autumn Term, including delivering as part of two SHINE Saturday schools.

Dramatic Maths

Case Study

Jan – Mar 2010: Essex Primary, Newham

The project worked with around 240 children; eight classes across Years 2 and 3 who were split into mixed ability groups. The aim was to help Barnaby Bear on his hunt for the missing Olympic torch and involved lots of weighing, measuring, travelling and exploring along the way. A book of the project was created by an illustrator as a legacy to leave with the school.

“Motivation for learning Maths increased a lot. Maths started to make sense.” – Tutor
A New Direction funded project