Schools Bookings

At Half Moon, we have a wide range of performances on throughout the year which are available for schools bookings. These include performances that take place at our theatre but also shows teachers can book to come into school.

Most of the dates for shows in our theatre are set at the start of the academic year, but we can sometimes offer additional performances of one of our Half Moon presents shows at the theatre in response to requests from schools.

Interested in a specific performance at a specific time of year? Take a look at the list below and contact us to find out more.

All tickets are £7 each.



Coming up at Half Moon:


ShiponLake-Parrot-combo-squareYOUNG HERBERT’S HORRORS
(Year 1
 – Year 5)
When: Fri 19 January
Times: 10.30am and 1.30pm

Young Herbert is a little horror. Living on a boat should be the ideal life for a wannabe pirate, but the boat’s grounded until Herbert can learn to tidy his cabin, eat his greens and be more polite. A big storm brews when Herbert is sent home from school and Mum calls on Great Uncle Albatross – navy captain and scourge of all pirates – to warn him of the dangers of rebellion.

But who is Great Uncle Albatross and do his cautionary tales really have the power to make Young Herbert behave? Or will they just give Young Herbert the horrors?

Featuring swashbuckling verse, jaunty music, gallows humour and the obligatory parrot, Young Herbert’s Horrors is Justin Coe’s brand new spoken word show for children, following the highly popular Big Wow, Small Wonder.

Performance Running Time: 45 minutes
 £7 each (adults go free based on ratios required for the age group*)

Half Moon presents a Justin Coe production.




(Reception – Year 3)

When: Thu 25 January
Times: 10.30am & 1.30pm

Join performance poet Joseph Coelho, National Poetry Day Ambassador, as he unravels familiar fairytales to create fresh contemporary classics in an enchanting performance for young and old alike.

A father returns home with a magical cloak. A cloak that hides a story… Did you know that the ugly duckling was never ugly? He was truly monstrous! Or that Goldilocks was never a tale about a little girl. It was always a tale about a granny – a mean, thieving granny who has plans for something quite nasty.

Join our poetic storyteller as he unwinds the true stories behind the happily ever afters and discover they’re maybe not as charming as you remember!

Joseph’s debut poetry collection, Werewolf Club Rules, won the prestigious CLPE Children’s Poetry Award (CLiPPA) in 2015. His second poetry collection, Overheard in a Tower Block, and debut picture book, Luna Loves Library Day, were published in 2017.

Performance Running Time: 45 minutes
 £7 each (adults go free based on ratios required for the age group*)

Half Moon presents a Joseph Coelho production.




All Hail the Snail - for website thumbnailJOHN HEGLEY: ALL HAIL THE SNAIL (AND OTHER CREATURES) (Year 3 – Year 6)
When: Thu 1 – Fri 2 & Thu 5 to Fri 16 Feb
Times: Thu 1 Feb 1.30pm; Fri 2 Feb 10.30am & 1.30pm; Thu 15 Feb 11am & 2pm; Fri 16 Feb 11am

You’ve got no teeth. You’re underneath the roof that you carry around. You can write with your trail in the way of the snail in your delicate D.I.Y. home.

Join poet John Hegley as he takes us on a humorous journey through his living library of poems, songs, stories and animal drawings. Enjoy the rhyme and rhythm of this mandolin-playing muse and his hilarious struggle with words, as they threaten to twist and turn out of his grasp.

The bespectacled author of 13 books is widely known as one of the country’s most innovative comic artists and this children’s show will delight adults and young people alike with its chaotic comedy, bewitching poems, plus the extra bonus of a special guest musician.

Half Moon is delighted to present this new show created to celebrate the 35th birthday of Apples and Snakes, England’s leading organisation for performance poetry and spoken word.

After the show there will be a chance to meet John and purchase signed copies of his books.

Performance Running Time: 45 minutes
 £7 each (adults go free based on ratios required for the age group*)

A Half Moon Presents production.




BearandButterfly-300-webBEAR & BUTTERFLY
(Nursery – Year 3)
When: Fri 9 February

Times: 10.30am & 1.30pm

Bear’s life changes forever when, deep in the branches of the tree he hears the munching and a crunching of a bright green Caterpillar. Bear and Caterpillar soon become the best of friends, Caterpillar munching happily through tales of Bear’s younger life catching fish, raising cubs and being big, strong and fierce.

But one day Caterpillar stops munching and looks sick. Bear cares for his friend and lays him on a pile of dry leaves, promising him that he’ll get better soon. Bear fears he will lose his friend but, as if by magic, Caterpillar grows and stretches and from the leaves emerges a beautiful butterfly. Can Bear come to terms with this new version of his friend who flies high above the trees and has stories of his own?

Puppetry, live music and beautiful storytelling combine in this charming tale about love, loss and friendship.

Performance Running Time: 50 minutes
 £7 each (adults go free based on ratios required for the age group*)

a Theatre Hullabaloo and Theatre by the Lake production




Glisten 7. Photo by Stephen Beeny 150x150GLISTEN
(0-18 months)

When: Thu 22 – Sat 24 February
Times: 10am, 11.30am & 2.30pm

Come in, relax, find a space and settle.
Slowly, a shimmering surface emerges.
What does it look like?
How does it move?
Listen, what can you hear?
Welcome to a world of shiny things.
Welcome to Glisten!

Glisten is an interactive performance for babies aged 0-18 months and their grown-ups. The audience are taken on a gentle and immersive journey exploring the world of reflective materials. Watch as the empty space of the theatre fills with colour, sounds and surprises, creating a sensory landscape ready to explore after the performance is over.

Early booking is advised as Glisten is performed to a very small audience, creating an intimate unique theatrical experience.

Performance Running Time: 20 minutes plus a play session
 £7 each (adults go free based on ratios required for the age group*)

Half Moon presents a Daniel Naddafy and Phoebe Stubbs production.




Penguins- web-800PENGUINS
(Nursery – Year 3)
When: Thu 1 and Fri 2 March
Times: 10.30am & 1.30pm

When being different brings the most wonderful of surprises. Roy and Silo are just like the other penguin pairs at Central Park Zoo – they walk, play, swim and dance together. Roy and Silo are two happy boys, but when the zookeeper finds them trying to hatch a rock, he has a clever idea that could mean Roy and Silo raising a chick for real.

Penguins is a unique and engaging show for children about friendship, fun, identity and the ever-changing meaning of family. This delightful new theatre and dance production is based on a true story reported in the New York Times that touched hearts worldwide.

Performance Running Time: 50 minutes plus a play session
 £7 each (adults go free based on ratios required for the age group*)

a Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Prime Theatre and Cahoots NI production.




(6-18 months)
When: Fri 13 Apr

Times: 11am & 2pm

Blink. Blink again. What do you see? Day by day your world is filling up with colour. Reds and blues, yellows and greens. Twinkling lights that glisten and gleam.

Inspired by research into how a baby’s sense of sight develops and how they instinctively begin to categorise colour, watch as your baby enters the multi-coloured world of Kaleidoscope.

At the end of the performance there is an interactive play session.

Performance Running Time: 25 minutes plus a play session
 £7 each (adults go free based on ratios required for the age group*)

a Filskit Theatre production.




The Owl and the Pussycat - landscape800THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT
(Nursery – Year 3)
When: Thu 17 – Tue 22 May
Times: Thu 17 1.30pm; Fri 18 10.30am, 1.30pm & 4.30pm; Sat 19 11am & 2pm; Mon 21 & Tue 22 10.30am & 1.30pm

Join Owly-cat and fellow family members, Jumblie and Quangle Wangle Quee, in a story inspired by the nonsense world of Edward Lear. The spongetaneous trio travel to the dolomphious land where the bong tree grows, learning all about the creatures who live there and their curious habits. Will this meloobious family return together, will they always be a three?

A fizzgiggious show about where, what and who our family really are.

Performance Running Time: 60 minutes plus a play session
 £7 each (adults go free based on ratios required for the age group*)

a Full House Theatre in partnership with Luton Culture production.




For schools bookings contact: ANDROULLA, 020 7709 8908


*We offer free tickets for adults in line with the recommended ratios as outlined by Ofsted:

Nursery – one free adult ticket for every two child tickets bought
Reception – one free adult ticket for every four child tickets bought
KS1 – one free adult ticket for every six child tickets bought
KS2 and up – one free adult ticket for every ten child tickets bought


Available in your school or on request at the theatre:

Some of our shows are available on dates that are convenient for you, either in your school or at our theatre:

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Note: some Secondary Schools have booked one of our shows for younger children as a reference piece for GCSE groups looking at the genre of Children’s Theatre. You could consider hosting a performance for one of your local feeder Primary Schools, for instance.