Venue Programming

Half Moon is the UK’s leading small-scale young people’s venue and touring company. Half Moon creates new home-grown theatre productions and tours them around the UK and internationally. In addition, we are pleased to offer a range of productions as part of our Half Moon Presents portfolio – work for young audiences developed in partnership with our associate artists and companies.

Half Moon presents

HMP Pack Cover 2017-18 web editHalf Moon Presents is the producing arm of Half Moon, supporting the promotion and development of contemporary theatre for young audiences at a national and international level. Our portfolio covers work for audiences 0-19 from a range of artists and companies drawn from the genres of dance-theatre, spoken word, new writing and theatre reflecting the UK’s contemporary, diverse communities.

For detailed information on booking a Half Moon production, please see the brochure below.

Download Half Moon Touring Brochure 2017 – 18

The following shows are currently available to book for venues, organisations, libraries and festivals in 2017 and beyond:



Big Wow Small Wonder

Half Moon presents a Justin Coe production for ages 4 – 9 A tall story about the wonders of being small. Justin i…

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A young man experiencing the pain and disappointment

Boys Don’t

Half Moon presents a Papertale production in association with Apples and Snakes (South East) for 8-12s & adult audie…

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Fairytales Gone Bad: Grannylocks / The M...

Half Moon presents a Joseph Coelho production for ages 3+ Join performance poet Joseph Coelho, National Poetry Day Amba…

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Fairytales Gone Bad: Zombie-rella / Bloo...

Half Moon presents a Joseph Coelho production for ages 6+ Join performance poet Joseph Coelho, National Poetry Day Amba…

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Friends for All edit

Friends For All

Half Moon presents a Simon Mole production for 5-11s A story about having the confidence to be yourself and stand up for…

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The Girl and the Giraffe

Half Moon presents a Floods of Ink production for 3-6s An uplifting show about friendship. One day whilst Girl is playi…

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Glisten 6. Photo by Stephen Beeny - web


Half Moon presents a Daniel Naddafy production for 0-18 months Come in, relax, find a space and settle. Slowly, a shimm…

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All Hail the Snail (and other creatures) - image by Genny Reed-Allen, WEB

John Hegley: All Hail the Snail (and oth...

For ages 7+ You’ve got no teeth. You’re underneath the roof that you carry around. You can write with your t…

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Leaf (2) dit


Half Moon presents a Tam Tam Theatre production for 0-3 years A leaf is born… It grows and glows in the sunshine and t…

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Wrongsemble - Three 2


Half Moon presents a Wrongsemble production for 3-8s Three wishes, three witches, three sisters, three pigs, three bear…

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