Green Half Moon

Half Moon recognises that the company’s operations have an impact on the environment and is committed to reducing that impact through continuous environmental improvement. This also sets a good example to the young people, their families and the wider communities who engage with our activities.

We are a founding member of the new TEF (Theatre Education Forum) Climate Justice Collective.

Half Moon’s main priorities are to:

  • Reduce energy and water usage
  • Separate and recycle waste
  • Encourage staff and audience use of zero/low carbon forms of transport
  • Raise environmental awareness of all employees, audiences and participants
  • Communicate our commitment to carbon reduction to all visitors, partners, suppliers and subcontractors
  • Work with environmentally sound suppliers wherever possible, to minimise resource use and environmental pollution associated with the company’s activities.


We continuously make small improvements to increase our sustainability. Some of the changes we have recently made and our long-standing commitments include:

  • Installing LED lights throughout the building to reduce energy consumption
  • Installing air conditioning and a ventilation system to reduce heat and improve airflow
  • Switching to a green energy supplier
  • Collecting food waste for our wormery
  • Providing reusable beakers for our water cooler
  • Delivering resources to local schools by bike wherever possible
  • Using refill options for some of our cleaning products
  • Providing bike pods for anyone wanting to cycle to Half Moon and store their bike securely
  • Collecting crisp packets as a Terracycle drop-off point, working with local schools and businesses
  • Collecting biscuit packets for a local Terracycle drop-off point
  • Providing reusable plates and cutlery for children’s birthday parties at our venue
  • Using recycled materials in our foyer art cart
  • Growing salad and herbs in our garden area
  • Running annual Fun Palace events all about recycling and the environment
  • Having recycled art displayed around the building
  • Using mugs and glasses for events rather than single-use items
  • Being a ticketless venue to reduce printing and paper use


Forthcoming changes include:

  • Replacing the remaining tungsten theatre lights with LED versions
  • Installing solar panels on our theatre roof
  • Collecting baby food pouches as a Terracycle drop-off point, working with local children’s centres