Barclays staff visit Half Moon

IMG_6217-smallOn Tuesday 1 April, eight staff members from the Retail department of Barclays Bank headquarters in Canary Wharf came to Half Moon for the day to clean the seating and paint the floor of the theatre, following the season end in late March.

This work was part of the East London Business Alliance initiative, which exists to bring about positive change in East London by connecting the public, private and voluntary sectors and empowering them to create exciting possibilities.

Emrana Akthar from ELBA commented:

“It’s great to work with companies in Canary Wharf to support exciting and worthwile projects for community groups in East London, who often lack the resources to undertake revamp projects. I hope the children and young people who use Half Moon enjoy their newly decorated space.” 

Members of the team from Barclays commented:

“A hugely enjoyable days work for a theatre that does so much for the local community – really worthwhile for all”
Alun Jones, Barclays Retail Team

“I really enjoyed the day – a great project to be involved with – a grand historic building being restored hosting a theatre that supports the surrounding community.” 
Tracey Seago, Barclays Retail Team

Chris Elwell, Director of Half Moon said:

“We were extremely grateful to the team from Barclays who gave up a day in the office to come and undertake this essential work. We are also very grateful to ELBA, without whom this partnership would never have come about.”