Blog from Half Moon apprentice Melissa Stanford

For Apprenticeship Week 2014 (3 to 8 March), our very own apprentice Melissa Stanford has written a blog about herIMG_3540 experience at Half Moon.

What’s it like being an apprentice?

Being an apprentice in the creative and cultural sector is an experience unlike any other. Being the age I am (19), many may ask why I chose not to go to university. But when you’re presented with an opportunity such as this, which would you pick?

Being so young, it’s been invaluable to be able to talk and interact with practitioners older than me with a lot more life experience. I’ve been able to tap into their minds and ideas, which has helped me to develop my knowledge and understanding of how an arts organisation such as this operates.

Being here at Half Moon Theatre, I have learnt so much about things which you may not necessarily associate with your standard office job. For example, as well as being based in an office, I’m also always present at the Youth Theatre sessions we run, and part of my job is to create a link between the two. This stimulates my mind, and means that as well as doing paperwork, I get to make the connection with what’s going on by being directly involved.

Working as an apprentice is not without its challenges though. The biggest challenge I have found is balancing my time between my college course work, and my work at Half Moon. However, once I settled into both college and work, I soon established a connection between both, helping to reinforce and/or learn new skills, ultimately making me a better apprentice.

All in all, my experience at Half Moon has been amazing!

Melissa Stanford, 05.03.14