Blog from Vipul Bhatti, When Spring Comes dancer and choreographer

We’re currently in the process of remounting When Spring Comes, an enchanting show for ages 3 to 7 fusing Kathak and contemporary dance with illustrations from Amberin Huq and live jazz music.

Here, Vipul Bhatti, dancer and choreographer, talks about the creative process. Check back here soon for the next blog installment from musician and composer Alex Tosh.

When Spring Comes is at Half Moon Theatre on 28 May at 11am and Leicester Curve 29 – 31 May.


magicalcoloursIt’s #magic … When Spring Comes
by Vipul Bhatti 

When did you last look above you, to the skies, seeing those clouds float, and think, actuality wish, you could jump up, and then bounce so far up that the wind would take you to them, and whizz across as a kite can?

Or even for a moment as you’re running for a bus that it goes off its route and a game of catch begins. Chasing it down little roads, wide roads, very long roads, and find you’ve lost it, only because it’s hiding within a secret alley, the ones London only shares with those curious enough for adventures. Especially you, the explorer … one who dreams of another world than the one most of us live in.

Being a dreamer, we see places differently. Most people see a see garden and will just want to sit on the bench. They’ll probably be the ones that won’t see the tree or the pond at the other side. You, and me, we’ll see the tree nod to us. And as for the pond, there will be a little fish who knows that we’ll be coming, and secretly pop its head to see if we’ve seen it looking for us. Friends do that. They look out for each other.

Have you met a friend that you hadn’t met before and when you did, for the first time, or it was probably the second time, they said … “It’s too magical!”.

Well, that’s what Alex told me.

Who’s Alex? He’s a boy like me. I dance. He makes all kinds of sounds. When he shares his music you have the power to bounce up to the skies, chase the clouds. You’ll run into a garden where a big tree will pick you up, let you take a nap within its branches. And when you hear a little whistle, you know it’s play time. It’s the little fish from the pond, its makes tunes too. From the tree you can get ready to dive into the pond. It’s deep. There’s nothing to fear, especially for those who don’t swim.

And beneath … is a playground for those who dream.

This is magic. The magic made from friendship. It helps us see the world differently.

Vipul Bhatti, 11.04.14