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BLOG: Bobbi


Day 1

On my first day I was so nervous but when I went into the office everyone was so nice to me and they made me feel so welcome. When I sat down I had a chat with Androulla, she was so kind to me. She took me for a tour around the theatre and showed me where everything is and what they are used for. When we were looking around the theatre we saw mirrors that are used to create dressing rooms for the actors who visit and work here. I said to Androulla that I want a mirror like the ones they have here in my room.

I did some admin work in the morning, and then had my lunch break. When I got back to the office I worked on creating posters for a project called Next Steps. This project is for year 6 children going up to year 7. The children had to discuss what they thought their likes and dislikes would be about going secondary school. They also had to discuss what they think would be the same about moving schools and what they thought would be different. After this, I did the gallery trail and gave my feedback on taking part.

Day 2

It’s day 2 and I’ve had such a great day! It started off with me making a photo collage! It took a while but I managed to get it done. After the photo collage I had my lunch break. In the afternoon my teacher Mrs Hopgood came to see how I was doing and asked what I was thought of my work experience so far. After this meeting, I went into a theatre group called Eclipse. The children were actually good at acting

Day 3

It’s the middle of the week and I’m having such a great time so far. Today I was in two theatre groups. The first group I was helping was with was with children ages 8-11, this group was called Equinox. The second group I worked with was for disabled teenagers, this group was called Solar. The first group was good. They were excitable and did quite well. The group looked like they were enjoying themselves. The second group was fun, they were really enthusiastic and friendly. They were really focused and seemed like a good team. Working with these groups has been one of my favourite things so far.

Day 4

On Thursday, I helped Faye to reorganise the cupboards downstairs. We had a really nice chat about school, my love for dance and Love Island.

When we went back upstairs I did some work on the Transitions project. I was sorting out evaluation forms by their answers to one of the questions.

In the afternoon, I went into Next Steps, this is an after school club for year 6 children. We played some games, and read some lines from a script. This was to see how each of the young people would react to this imaginary situation, and encourage them to think about making good decisions. It was good fun. The young people worked in partners and acted out the script as certain characters. It was nice to be part of the session.

Day 5

Today is my last day! I feel sad because I have to go back to school next week. The first thing I did was finish off the photo collages I had been working on for the different groups.  In the afternoon, I finished my blog and went around the building taking photos of various things I really liked. I chose the mirrors in the Red Room, because it reminded me of getting ready for dance shows with my friends, and it looks glamorous.


I also took photos of the exhibition in the foyer. I really liked the one called ‘1500 Giraffes’ simply because I love giraffes! The exhibition is called ‘Tamesis Beasts’ by Emma Barnie.

Bobbi came to us from Raine’s Foundation School (Tower Hamlets), 24th June – 28th June 2019.

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