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BLOG: Fayza

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Day 1 – Monday

On the first day, I arrived at the Half Moon Theatre and was welcomed inside by huge rooms and a harmonious orchestra playing in the background of the theatre, which was breath-taking. I started off the day with a tour given by Faye, who showed me all the superlative magic which happened in the Half Moon, it was absolutely startling. Between 10am-1pm I began my work in the admin office, doing mind maps about the likes and dislikes of people beginning to go to secondary school, and the causes of how you are judged there. After lunch I began writing up evaluation forms from teachers who brought students to Half Moon for workshops, which really boosted their confidence and brought them from being shy to being self-reliant.

Day 2 – Tuesday

Today I was in from 12-6pm, partly working in the office. I was cutting photos and sticking them onto sugared paper to make a collage. This was for a project called Next steps which is about children using drama to explore how life at secondary school is a huge step from Year 6. In addition, there were pictures of students acting out on how secondary school life will be which I found really excessive. During the evening I examined a technical rehearsal by Eclipse Youth Theatre, who are children from Year 3 to Year 6. Their piece was called Murder at the AirBnB, which I found really motivating and petrifying. The children were really prodigious at memorising their lines which they had learned just last week. This seemed really beneficial for them as their play is just next week. It was so entertaining joining in with their warm up games.

Day 3 – Wednesday

This day I was in from 2:30pm till 8:30pm, which I found out was really useful as I was very alert. I sat by the office and finished cutting photos and putting them in a plastic wallet. After this I quickly went up to the Green Room and had my lunch. I then came down to observe Equinox Youth Theatre’s technical rehearsal. Their play was really inspiring, as they had the structure of science fiction with a mix of Stranger Things, which I found really cool and fun to watch as an audience member. The potential and skills that the kids had was absolutely astounding, as each and every one of them gave it all they had with full concentration and no interludes. The second group I worked with was Solar Youth Theatre, which is a group for teenagers with disabilities. I worked tremendously well with them and relished the experience the most because as they moved around the stage they all had implausible vocal and physical skills which they used to project their voices whilst acting. During the tech rehearsal it was really amusing and I made loads of friends.

Day 4 – Thursday

Today I was in from 12-6pm. I began my day at the office sorting out a big box of lanyards. It looked like so much to do when I looked at it at first, but I managed to sort it out in just only 20 minutes, making three separate piles of the best, most long-lasting lanyards, the ones which wouldn’t last much longer, and the papers in them which had to be put into recycling. Later I made another collage for Next Steps which I found really virtuous and creative to do as I was quite rapid and energetic whilst I was doing so. At the end of the day I joined in with the Next Steps session. The ideas the kids came up with were really inspiring for me, because they came up with key realistic reasons why bullies bully and what the consequences are of them doing so, all whilst acting this out. They correspondingly played an activity with two people involving one presenting their piece of expression art and one acting as the expression, which I found really extravagant. They chose words such as sad, petrifying and suicidal to portray their emotions into drama which I was really mesmerised by.

Day 5 – Friday

Today was my last day at Half Moon, for which I was mainly based in the office cutting out coloured card for the Careers in Theatre lanyards, a project which happens every spring. I wrote my blog for yesterday, helped around the office, made sure nothing was left undone, and I completed everything quickly. I also made another collage for Next Steps from yesterday’s session which focused on the theme of bullying, and this was fun to make. Lastly I wrote sticker labels for the children who attend their sessions after school for Next Steps.


Fayza came to us from Langdon Park School (Tower Hamlets), 1st July – 5th July 2019.

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