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BLOG: Khadija


Day 1


It was the first day of work and honestly, I was feeling neutral about it. I wasn’t nervous and I wasn’t too excited. I wasn’t going in expecting anything on the first day, but it turned out that I really liked it. I walked in and I was introduced to everything by Androulla. Everyone was really welcoming and this felt nice. I was treated as an equal and not as a student, this surprisingly made me feel really good about myself. I was given a tour around the building by Elysia and I WAS SURPRISED AT HOW BIG IT ACTUALLY IS – I couldn’t really tell from the outside but it’s really big and spacious. After the tour, Elysia and I tidied the resources room. I enjoy cleaning and organising so I was kind of happy about it. I had a conversation with Elysia about taking drama at A-level and at university, which was really interesting and helpful. The time flew by really quickly and it was already my lunch break! As much as I was staring at my phone during lunch, lots of thoughts went through my head like “Am I going to enjoy the rest of the week?”, “What if I can’t complete a task I’ve been set?”. This was, however, brushed off later because the team are really supportive and friendly. After my break, I was set some admin work. Later in the afternoon, I joined the Next Steps group, which is a programme that supports young people throughout their transition from year 6 into year 7. It was intriguing to learn and understand how eleven to twelve year olds felt in this area. It was completely different to when I was younger, which was interesting. I also took photos of this group – I felt I didn’t do particularly well at taking photos, but I still enjoyed it. Once Next Steps finished, it was ALREADY SIX O CLOCK, IT LITERALLY FLEW BY. I was so exhausted, but motivated to continue this week.

Day 2

Today was pretty much the same as the first day. I did lots of admin work and managed to finish quite a bit of it. I also helped Elysia out with preparation for the Careers in Theatre programme, which would take place at Half Moon this week. I also joined one of the weekly Youth Theatre groups and took photos of the young people in action. I watched their performance and thought about how well their play was coming along. They have really good ideas and were really aware of environmental problems and issues in the world. I found this surprising and also thought it was cool that they were all well informed.

Day 3

Today was my first day of Careers in Theatre and I worked with the Design department. Although I didn’t look like it, I was really eager to work with the Design team and I really enjoyed working with the group. It really did give me an insight into Set Design in the real world and it was memorable…I might even want to become a Set Designer in the future. Through reading the script, we generated some ideas that could reflect the emotions and messages of the extract. We talked about the set and stage – I never really thought about the importance of what the stage looked like and what it might mean. I am really glad I got to be part of this group, I learnt lots of new things which I can now use in my drama classes. It was really fun as we did a lot of painting, cutting and practical work. At the end of the day, there was a performance of what was created! I thought the performance really good – I was shocked at how it all came together and how all our ideas came through. I enjoyed it a lot.

Day 4
It was my second day of Careers in Theatre and today, I worked with the Sound department. I was REALLY excited to work with the team. I learnt the importance of sound in theatre and movies. It was a really informative session. Johnny and Ella were really supportive and friendly, so I felt really comfortable. I tried my best to help the students as much as I could. For example, I helped with script writing which was for the tech sharing. I also took part in the sound creation. We made festival sounds like chatting and cheering. I had a fun time with the sound department, but my favourite part of the day was the performance, which was really good. I enjoyed it a lot more than yesterday, because it was fun, lively and there were many different languages involved. I had a good day.

Day 5
I was only in for 2 hours today. I came in and started finishing my blog and watched the performance of Drag Queen Story Time. I enjoyed the show because it was interactive and genuinely fun to watch. My teacher also visited me today.

Khadija came to us from Mulberry School for Girls (Tower Hamlets), 7th – 12th October 2019

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