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BLOG: Sulayman


Day 1

The day that I got a chance to work for Half Moon Theatre had finally arrived, but of course I was late. I frantically emailed Androulla notifying her that I would be late, so I got there dressed in a suit (totally normal for someone working at a theatre). When I finally got there I was greeted by friendly Androulla, who offered to show me around the building. Me being so socially awkward, I kept fidgeting and kept replying with ‘yeah’ and ‘okay’. She then introduced me to the amazing staff who welcomed me into their work-space. I was really nervous but really optimistic. The day started by Androulla giving me my schedule for the week. She told me that later, at 3pm, I would be working with children. I am not fond of children but I looked on the bright side. By then it was time for my lunch break, because I came in late. I went McDonalds and saw some of my friends also on work experience we talked and before I knew it, it was time to go back to work, where I was assigned to make collages of photos of the children I was going to meet later on. It was time to leave and go meet the children and help them with their final performance to show their parents. I worked with two girls who were good actors and were keen on doing what I told them. It was time to show their piece to the audience and I was pleased on how good their acting was and how they faced the audience. It was then time to go home and relax to be ready for the next day.

Day 2

Today, I actually arrived early to work. I went to go do my blog until Faye asked me if I could help pick out the food for the art showcase. I went back to the theatre to finish my blog, and I was told to read other peoples blogs to get an idea, so I chose to read my best friend’s blog, Venand. It was really long but exciting at the same time. I then went to help Faye bring down the table for the art showcase since me being the strongest person ever I helped bring it down (I totally didn’t struggle bringing it down). It was then time for my lunch break. I went to McDonalds again to meet some friends and to talk. When I was done I had 10 minutes to spare so I went back to Half Moon and went on my phone in the foyer. It was time to get back to work and I went to cut and stick in collages for Wednesdays group. It was 3 o’clock which meant it was time to go to the Next Steps programme. This time it was with children with disabilities. The question was, where is the Sundial Centre? I had a map and went from Shadwell to Hoxton. I then went the wrong way and I didn’t even know where it was. Luckily I saw someone who went to my school and they took me to the Centre – how lucky is that! So I finally got there and all the kids were lively and excited. We played warm up games until it was time to practice what we were going to show to the parents. I worked with two boys who were really good to work with (or so I thought). It was time for the performance and it turned out that they didn’t listen to a word I said, but it still looked like they enjoyed themselves. It was home time and the only thing going through my head was, ‘do I know my way back?’ Thankfully I recognised where I was going and made it to Hoxton station and went home.

Day 3

Today I woke up really late and got to half-moon at 12:25pm. I was so embarrassed! As soon as I got in I finished up my blog and then went on to do collages for the group that I was helping today. It was then time for my lunch break and today I did not really feel hungry so I just went and got myself a strawberry milkshake. I had 30 minutes to spare so I sat in the foyer on my phone. Androulla called me in because my lunch was over so I helped her with the statistics of how the Year 6’s feel about going into Year 7. It took forever for me to finish, but it was worth it. It was 3 o’clock and you know what that means? Time to go to Next Steps! These children were confident and acted more mature than the other two groups so it was easier to work with them. If I am being honest they were my favourite group because they weren’t afraid of talking to me and getting to know me. Then, it was time to show their performances to their parents so I got my best friend, Venand, to come and watch what I worked on with the children. It was funny to watch. Then it was time to go and I went with Venand to Iceland and then went home ready for the next day! (Hopefully not late).

Day 4

And what a surprise, I was late again, this time 15 minutes late. Today was a quieter (and boring) day as I was in the office all day and had to do statistics of how the children feel on going into secondary school. It took forever till it was time for lunch. I went to McDonalds to see six of my friends. We had a nice talk and I went back to work. Faye had asked me to help her with packaging up posters for the other theatres. I then went to help Androulla with photocopying and went back to completing my blog. I then was given a gallery trail to do; I had so much fun as it gave me a break from the office. And before I knew it was time to go home.

Day 5

I was finally early to work and today I am in the office all day. It started well because I had to finish my blog and then cut up some pictures to put up on the notice board. It was time for lunch and after lunch I was really tired so I did not feel like going back to the office. Androulla and Beccy talked me into coming back in the office to finish my tasks so I continued with the notice board, took a picture for my blog and then cut up things for Monday.

I want to thank Androulla for always helping me with things and always talking to me and keeping me company. I want to thank Faye for being kind-hearted and always helping everyone around her. I want to thank Jackie for being friendly and always talking to me whenever she saw me and making the room a positive environment. I want to thank Beccy for always asking me if I needed anything and helping me with the tasks that I was struggling with. And thank you to Stephen and Chris for being so welcoming and always giving me something to do that was fun and not just based around the office.

Sulayman came to us from Bishop Challoner Boys School (Tower Hamlets), 15th July – 19th July 2019.

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