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Empathy and Resilience final blog

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Hi, my name’s Esther Rennae Walker and I’m the Trainee TYA producer/programmer at Half Moon. It feels incredibly weird and amazing to conclude the Narratives of Empathy and Resilience Programme 2021.

Empathy and Resilience: Blog 7, the Finale


The last three months of collaborative theatre-making with 17 artists has gone quicker than anticipated. Although it’s been a speedy three months, it has undoubtedly been an invaluable time for both me as the trainee producer, as well as the artists themselves.

One of the most rewarding things I found to observe was the whole journey from first ideas to scripts, and on to the final performances, as well as seeing the artists grow alongside their ideas. Not only were the stories imaginative and thought-provoking, but there was a distinct uniqueness for each story which made every performance special.

The opportunity to support and coordinate a collective of dynamic artists had its own set of challenges. However, with the support of a wonderful team and God’s grace, I was able to both overcome and learn from these challenges. I have felt my confidence grown over the past three months as an emerging producer/programmer and I’m very hopeful about the projects I will be able to produce in the future.

An important lesson I learnt in producing Narratives of Empathy and Resilience is that producing is not only about efficiently managing and coordinating a project, but it’s also about understanding and enjoying the creative aspects of a project.

I hope to be able to bring that understanding to the next project I produce.

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