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Empathy and Resilience Vlog 1

EmpathyVlog1 Screencap

We are almost a month into our Narratives of Empathy and Resilience programme. 

Over the last few weeks our artists have been meeting at Half Moon in small clusters for creative sessions. There are 8 mini-clusters and one ensemble cluster. The ensemble cluster comprises 2 performers/writers, a designer, assistant director and composer/sound designer. Each of the 8 mini clusters features either a writer or a spoken word artist who will collaborate with a composer and assistant director to develop their final scratch performances. Our first vlog is an introduction to three of these mini clusters sharing of their artistic practices, stories and ideas.

In this vlog, we see DJ/composer Jake Walker collaborating with poets Azan Ahmed and Tomara Garrod, and writer Tracy Bickley in developing their stories. This vlog features the artists first creative session and captures some of their ideas, thoughts and inspirations on the type of narratives that reflect on the themes of Empathy and Resilience.

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