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Online Safety

Our innovative workshop programme for schools to help young people in Year 5, 6 and 7 navigate the online world and understand what they need to do to stay safe.
Email Androulla to find out more androullla@halfmoon.org.uk

Workshops for Classes

We deliver four in-school sessions for whole classes of Year 5-Year 7. Sessions offer the young people strategies of how to stay safe online and explore age-appropriate themes around interpretation of text messages, emojis and non-verbal communication. Participants have opportunities to think about trust, real life scenarios, and ‘fact’ versus ‘opinion’ through drama and Forum Theatre.

The first workshop is ‘Understanding the Context’ followed by ‘Fact VS opinion’, ‘Communication and Trust’ and ending with the final workshop on ‘Positive Futures’.

Email Androulla for more information androulla@halfmoon.org.uk

Feedback from Teachers

“Half Moon has always done brilliant and very impactful workshops with my class and this one was fantastic. The children were able to engage easily, understand the learning and apply their critical thinking skills in real-life, practical, age-appropriate scenarios.”

“Half Moon provided engaging, well-planned and appropriate drama workshops on online safety. The sessions provided the children with a great understanding of how to deal with a range of different scenarios online and how to deal with it through role-play. Workshop was at the correct pitch and age-appropriate (but not too young) to allow the children to discuss how to deal with potential situations online.”

“The sessions are a great model for us on how to use drama to teach anything as we usually only use it for Literacy-based sessions. I will now think about using drama for PSHE or during ‘Circle Time’ to resolve issues.”

Workshops for Teachers and Parents

This programme is supported by a pack for all parent/carers to continue the learning at home. We also offer a CPD programme for teachers to feel confident delivering practical sessions with their classes on online safety and other PSHE topics.

We offer a practical after school session for parents to explore age-appropriate themes around the ways that young people now communicate and how we can support their decision-making around online contact.

Email Androulla for more information androulla@halfmoon.org.uk

Feedback from Parents/Carers

“I had not thought about how different generations/peer groups use emojis. I am now aware of the added challenges of understanding messages that children might have.”

“It’s further emphasised to me that the conversations have to happen. And that they should/could be woven into general conversations/critical thinking. Not something that should be touched on once or left until something bad happens. This was a great session, every school should do one and every parent should attend!”

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