Downloadable Resources

At Half Moon, many of our previous performances have been seen and enjoyed by local schools. If you are interested in the downloadable resources from those shows, you can find some below.

Previously at Half Moon:

For Secondary audiences:

FREE for ages 13+

FREE was performed at Half Moon and on tour from October to November 2014.
A hard-hitting story by David Lane focusing on two teenagers brought together through the dynamic discipline of free-running that explores fear, identity and learning to move on.

Download FREE – Monologues and Duologue


Begin/End for ages 14+

Begin/End was performed at Half Moon and on tour from February to March 2010.
A compelling piece of new writing by David Lane about growing up, sexuality, ambitions and the heartbreak that comes when friendships fall apart.

Download Begin/End Monologues & Resource Pack


Locked In for ages 13+

Locked In was performed at Half Moon and on tour from September to November 2006 and from October to November 2008.
A hip-hop drama by Fin Kennedy. In an abandoned East End tower block, Blaze (a Caribbean MC) and Riqi (a Bengali DJ) rip up the airwaves on a pirate station but when Zahida comes into their lives, the cracks begin to appear in their friendship, with tragic consequences.

Download Locked In Monologues & Resource Pack


We are Shadows for ages 13+

We are Shadows was performed at Half Moon and on tour from September to October 2007.

A play by Fin Kennedy. A group of disconnected young people face harsh choices in their lives through a series of stylised interwoven monologues creating a snapshot of contemporary urban life in London’s East End

Download We Are Shadows Monologues & Resource Pack


For Early Years audiences

Plum and Pickle for ages 2-5

Plum and Pickle was performed at Half Moon and on tour from March to April 2011.
Exploring growing up at a time when friendships are made and the world around is discovered and fusing street and contemporary dance styles, Plum And Pickle asked children to look at shapes in a new way.

Download Plum And Pickle Resource Pack inc Lesson Plans


Rip, Fold, Scrunch for ages 2-5

Rip, Fold, Scrunch was performed at Half Moon and on tour from March 2010 to June 2011.
Three characters, Rip, Fold and Scrunch, took audiences on a journey into the multi-coloured world of friendship. The show fused theatre, Kathak dance and live cello music within a paper world, which was created and dismantled before the audiences eyes.

Download Rip Fold Scrunch Resource Pack inc. Lesson Plans