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Dates: Watch whenever you want.
Running Time: 110 minutes
Age Range: All ages


Half Moon presents
1990 | 2020 Virtual Showcase

An online presentation of all three aspects of our 1990 | 2020 heritage project, created by our young people.

1990 | 2020 project title

In March 2020 Half Moon celebrated its 30th birthday as a young people’s theatre. Our planned celebrations – including a festival of new Youth Theatre shows and a photography exhibition – were quickly postponed when COVD-19 forced the country into a national lockdown.

Over a year later and feeling more confident about the future, we are proud that we have been able to mark our 30th birthday appropriately with a virtual showcase of digital content that celebrates not only the history of Half Moon as a young people’s theatre, but also the resilience and creativity of our young people.

We hope you enjoy our trio of digital birthday celebrations: Born 1990, Happened 1990 and Snapped 1990 | 2020.

The film premiered at 6pm on Thursday 8 July 2021, but you can watch the 1990 | 2020 Showcase again via the following YouTube link:

To access the replay of the live chat as it happened, click the “show chat replay” button in the top right hand corner of the YouTube page.

watch THE 1990 | 2020 film premiere




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Reviews and responses

“We absolutely loved the film!” 

Youth Theatre Parent


“I think it’s absolutely amazing what you have done during this difficult time. I loved it! It was very educational and entertaining.”

Youth Theatre Parent


“What a beautiful showcase! Congratulations to the whole team – not an easy thing to create in such challenging circumstances. I’m mega impressed by Half Moon, as usual!”

Friends at Access All Areas


“So inventive and creative.”

Former Staff Member


“We cannot believe how amazing the showcase was last night. The whole thing from beginning to end was such a pleasure to watch. It was evident how hard the children had worked and how much must have gone into making the showcase the success it was.”

Youth Theatre Parent




1990 | 2020 Film Timings


1990 | 2020 Introduction


Happened 1990: Connectivity – The Birth of the Internet
by Eclipse Youth Theatre


Born 1990: Katy Jewell, interviewed by Matthew and Mikyas
Year 6 Teacher, Mayflower Primary School


Born 1990: Sabiha Khanam, interviewed by Alice and Matis
Volunteer Coordinator, Poplar HARCA


Happened 1990: Saturday Night
by Equinox Youth Theatre


Born 1990: Claire Slack, interviewed by Arsema and Elizabeth
Heritage Officer, Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park


Born 1990: Tom Simper, interviewed by Olivier and Sakura
Actor, Facilitator and BSL Performer and Interpreter, Half Moon Theatre


Happened 1990: The Downfall of The Iron Lady
by Lunar Youth Theatre


Born 1990: Ryan Thomas, interviewed by Nehan and Lola
Personal Trainer at PureGym, Canary Wharf


Born 1990: Alex Portlock, interviewed by Nehan and Ibrahim
Development Manager, Hadley Property Group


Happened 1990: Break Down the Wall
by Solar Youth Theatre


Born 1990: Halima Khanom, interviewed by Alice and Matis
Heritage Officer (Learning and Participation), Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives


Happened 1990: Where Were You?
by Orbit Youth Theatre


This film contains verbal references to sensitive subject matters
(please contact Half Moon for further details)


Snapped 1990 | 2020
Exploring 30 years of local history through photography.
Presented by Youth Theatre members Dexter, Giulia, Joseph and Rafael




watch THE 1990 | 2020 film premiere



Born 1990 title image

A captivating and poignant series of seven filmed interviews with people who work in Tower Hamlets, who also celebrated their 30th birthday in 2020.


Happened 1990 title image

Five performances about world events that happened in 1990: the birth of the internet; the fall of the Berlin Wall; the release of Nelson Mandela from prison after more than 27 years; the Poll Tax Riots and resignation of Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister; and the discovery of the hole in the ozone layer.


Snapped 1990 | 2020 title image

Same Scene, 30 years apart. A virtual gallery exhibition exploring 30 years of Tower Hamlets history through photographs taken in 1990, by professional photographers and local residents, alongside photographs of the same locations in 2020, taken by young people from Half Moon Theatre. Find out more about the foyer gallery exhibition.


1990 | 2020 is supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund