Private: SuperMonkey

Show Details

Dates: Sat 12 Dec
Times: 11 am
Running Time: 35 mins
Age Range: 3-6


PuppetCraft presents


Join SuperMonkey on his magical adventures as he meets the Underwater King, becomes enchanted by the Tree-of-many-fruits, sings along with the Maids-of-the-tree, makes friends with little monkeys and learns the secret of how to put out the fire of the Fire Dragon!

Based on the ancient Chinese story of the funny superhero Monkey, Michael Rosen, of Going on a Bear Hunt fame, has created a new version of this classic tale using beautiful string puppets, live music, snappy raps and witty words to conjure up a bewitching world that will enchant audiences all over again.

Telling the same story as PuppetCraft’s bigger Monkey show (for ages 4+), this is an intimate show specially made for 3 to 6 year olds.