Private: Bright Sparks

Show Details

Dates: Sat 18 Feb
Times: 11am & 2pm
Running Time: 50 mins
Age Range: 3-7


Filskit Theatre presents
Bright Sparks


Links and Rex are like light and dark, left and right. Links is logical – she likes order and fact. Rex is different – she is imaginative, a daydreamer. Watch these two opposites get their wires crossed and their noodles in a muddle as they strive to find ways to work and play together.

With humour and mesmerising visuals, Bright Sparks explores the beauty of difference, inspired by research into how both sides of the brain must strike a balance for us to see, move and speak.

“The predominantly wordless production has a clowning quality that feels as if its straight from the silent movie greats.”
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