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First Light

Ages 0-18 months

Calendar Icon 4 Dec 2021
Age Rating IconAges 0-18 months
Clock Icon15 minutes

Bathe in sound and light with your baby as you explore the wonders of how their senses develop. Sit, lie down or stand while sharing this immersive, intimate experience.

Inspired by baby lab research into the expanding vision of children from birth until 18 months, this 15-minute installation distills the world of awakening perception into a unique show. Real-life soundscapes harmonise and echo a newborn’s hearing, this is designed to be enjoyed by both baby and their grown up.

Co-created by theatre-maker Daniel Naddafy, and artist & lighting designer Marty Langthorne, this fascinating piece has been specially produced to be engaging and energising for young children following the success of Glisten, Naddafy’s acclaimed performance piece for babies that has toured over twenty UK venues.

This installation is designed for a baby between 0-18 months to experience with their adult.

Each ticket will cover a group of up to 4 people (including the baby) to come into the installation pod. There is only 1 ticket available for each time slot.

Presented and co-commissioned by the Barbican.

Developed with support from Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, De Montfort University and, Half Moon Theatre.

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  • Sat 04 Dec 10:00 £7 Sold Out
  • Sat 04 Dec 10:20 £7 Sold Out
  • Sat 04 Dec 10:40 £7 Sold Out
  • Sat 04 Dec 11:00 £7 Sold Out
  • Sat 04 Dec 11:20 £7 Sold Out
  • Sat 04 Dec 11:40 £7 Sold Out
  • Sat 04 Dec 12:00 £7 Sold Out
  • Sat 04 Dec 12:20 £7 Sold Out
  • Sat 04 Dec 12:40 £7 Sold Out
  • Sat 04 Dec 13:00 £7 Sold Out
  • Sat 04 Dec 13:20 £7 Sold Out
  • Sat 04 Dec 13:40 £7 Sold Out
  • Sat 04 Dec 14:00 £7 Sold Out
  • Sat 04 Dec 14:20 £7 Sold Out
  • Sat 04 Dec 14:40 £7 Sold Out
  • Sat 04 Dec 15:00 £7 Sold Out
  • Sat 04 Dec 15:20 £7 Sold Out
  • Sat 04 Dec 15:40 £7 Sold Out

“A great sensory experience for adults and babies. My child was fascinated by the lights and colours.”

Audience feedback, Glisten

“Terrific watching small faces involved in sound, colour, light and texture – we were enthralled from start to finish.”

Audience feedback, Glisten

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