Private: If All the World Were Paper

Show Details

Dates: Sat 23 Feb
Times: 11am & 2pm
Running Time: 50 mins
Age Range: 3-6


Big Window and AJTC Theatres in association with Nottingham Lakeside Arts present
If All the World Were Paper


If all the world were painted blue
And you were me and I were you…

Fred and Ted are best friends. They’ve been best friends a long, long time. But they don’t always see eye to eye. Fred likes things ‘just so’. Ted is more ‘that’ll do’. Today, they have a job to do… together.

One adventure playground. One big task. One friendship. Two grandads. Two paintbrushes. Two very different ways of doing things. If All the World Were Paper is a hilarious and poignant new play about falling out, making up and the joy of true friendship.