Private: Kaleidoscope

Show Details

Dates: Fri 20 Sept
Times: 10.30am & 1.30pm
Running Time: 25 mins
Age Range: 6-18 months


Filskit Theatre presents


Blink. Blink again. What do you see? Day by day your world is filling up with colour. Reds and blues, yellows and greens. Twinkling lights that glisten and gleam.

Your reflection is staring back at you. Wide eyed and full of hope. Mirrors, lights, col-ours and sounds. The world is your kaleidoscope.

Inspired by research into how a baby’s sense of sight develops and how they instinctively begin to categorise colour, watch as a multi-coloured kaleidoscope is brought to life for you and your baby.

At the end of the performance there is an interactive play session.

“The young audience watch completely transfixed…Entrancing and perfectly timed…With the success of this production comes the promise of the next – I don’t know what it will be, but I know I will be in the audience.”
Children’s Theatre Reviews

“All the babies sat captivated, jaws open, eyes wide as if it was the most amazing thing they’d ever seen. Even the most adventurous crawlers were stopped in their tracks.”
The News, Portsmouth