Private: Mole and Gecko: The Show

Show Details

Dates: Sat 16 Feb
Times: 11am & 2pm
Running Time: 45 mins
Age Range: 5+


Simon Mole and Gecko present
Mole and Gecko: The Show


A rapper and a singer. A mole and a gecko.
A river. A boat with no name.
A quest for adventure.
A quest with a duck!

Join our heroes as they find out that what they thought they were searching for might be less important than what they find along the way.

Mole and Gecko is an interactive rap musical that you (the audience) help create, featuring live songs, rap stories, instant poems and a weasel with a serious biscuit problem.

“Gecko is a gifted young comic songwriter with charm and style to spare”
★★★★ Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Fringe 2016

“Simon Mole engages with the audience from the outset and keeps the young audience enthralled”
★★★★ Upstaged Manchester, 2018 on Friends For All