Private: Oddly

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Dates: Sat 5 Dec
Times: 3pm
Running Time: 50 mins
Age Range: 3-8


Norwich Puppet Theatre presents


Three unusual creatures hold onto their special treasures and ponder questions which they are unable to answer…

The Lostlet twirls a golden leaf and asks what do I hope for?
The Strangelet holds a smooth white pebble and wonders what do I dream of?
The Oddlet listens to a seashell and thinks what do I wish for?

Suddenly a little boy appears who seems stranger, odder and even more lost than they are. Together the new friends find surprising ways to make their hopes, dreams and wishes come true.

Based on the much-loved children’s book written by Joyce Dunbar, Norwich Puppet Theatre’s fun, whimsical tale about the big questions in life visually reimagines the story with traditional and contemporary puppets, inventive design and original music.