Private: Once Upon a Snowflake

Show Details

Dates: Sat 21 Nov
Times: 11am and 2pm
Running Time: 50 mins
Age Range: 3+


Half Moon presents Paper Balloon’s
Once Upon a Snowflake


Liza has gone missing, and no one knows where she can be. One thing’s for certain: those mysterious Winter Sprites have something to do with it. Appearing every winter, these tiny elf-like creatures can be found hiding in pockets, shoes and sock drawers, watching everything and hearing everyone.

Follow Liza into a colourful whirlwind of stories and adventure, led by a tiny Sprite with a fascination for snowflakes. Using a captivating blend of shadow puppetry, storytelling and enchanting original songs, Paper Balloon present this funny, quirky and enthralling show.

A magical world of shadow puppetry, storytelling and enchanting songs.

Also on tour nationally as part of the Half Moon presents portfolio. Click here for details.