Private: The Pied Piper (Crossrail Place Roof Garden Performance Space)

Show Details

Dates: Sun 6 Aug
Times: 1pm - 5pm (shows at 2pm & 3.30pm)
Running Time: 45 mins
Age Range: 3-7


Half Moon presents a Norwich Puppet Theatre production
The Pied Piper
Please pre-register here (you can turn up on the day)

Please note that this event takes place at the Canary Wharf Roof Garden Performance Space.

When the Pied Piper plays his flute the nasty rats run, the greedy mayor rubs his hands and the children innocently dance and sing. This famous tale is brought to life in an engaging and delightfully playful puppetry based show combining exquisite puppets, foot-tapping music and clever storytelling. A show that will entrance audiences young and old.

Alongside performances of The Pied Piper are a series of fun and interactive drop in workshops, for all ages, exploring the themes of the play.

All tickets for events at the Crossrail Place Roof Garden are free. A limited number of tickets are available to book in advance with the remainder available on the door.

Performance and workshop times:

1pm: Pre-performance workshop
2pm: Performance
2:45pm: Pre or post- performance workshop
3:30pm: Performance
4:15pm: Post-performance workshop

Please note that this event takes place at the Crossrail Place Roof Garden performance space.

The Crossrail Place Roof Garden performance space is an outdoor (covered) amphitheatre. Seating is unreserved.