Private: The Enormous Turnip

Show Details

Dates: Sat 22 Dec
Times: 11am & 2pm
Running Time: 40 mins
Age Range: 3-8


One Moment in Time Theatre presents
The Enormous Turnip


Young Rosie dreams of carving a special turnip lantern for the Festival of Light in her village. Little does she know how absolutely ENORMOUS her turnip will grow! Take a magical tour through the four seasons with Rosie as she plants and harvests her dream vegetable – she’ll need plenty of help from the audience, her animal friends and one small but very important root gnome.

The Enormous Turnip is a gentle and playful retelling of this classic folk tale, with a magical twist. Featuring beautifully handcrafted puppets and sets, storytelling, live music, songs and lots of joining in.

After the performance, audience members can meet the puppets.


Audience reviews:

“Absolutely stunning and I’m sure the children will remember it forever – it was magical!”
Head teacher, The Children’s House School, Islington

“A lovely and engrossing event that thrilled adults and children alike. Utterly brilliant!”
Parent Audience Member

“Magical! Wonderful storytelling and the live music and audience participation topped it off beautifully. I brought three children age between 3-9 and they were all totally engaged”
Parent Audience Member