Private: When Trolls Try To Eat Your Goldfish

Show Details

Dates: Sat 7 Mar
Times: 11am & 2pm
Running Time: 50 mins
Age Range: 5+


Dommy B presents
When Trolls Try To Eat Your Goldfish


In the middle of the night, there’s a noise – a snuffling and a shuffling and a splintering of wood. Lines of troll-prints lead out the door, across the lawn and across the land. A grotesque gang of greedy trolls have stolen all the village’s animals, including Nikki’s favourite goldfish, Great Bumbleduke the Third. Who is going to come to their rescue?

Armed with only a pen and paper, can you help storyteller Dommy B and young Nikki save the day?

“A rare show that delighted and engaged Reception, got Year 6 cheering, and had the adults in stitches!” Head Teacher