Private: Half Moon tour for Road Safety Week

We are pleased to announce a second tour of our forum theatre piece, More Important Things, to all Tower Hamlets secondary schools during National Road Safety Week, 18-22 November, in partnership with the Tower Hamlets Road Safety Team.

Half Moon Road Safety

Road Safety Week is the UK’s biggest road safety event, coordinated annually by Brake and involving thousands of schools, organisations and communities each year. The 2013 theme for Road Safety Week, Tune In, focuses on tuning in to road safety and avoiding distractions.

Details of the theme can be found on the Road Safety Week website:

We’re all human: we daydream, get side-tracked, run late and make mistakes. But on roads, distractions can be fatal. When using roads, we all need to tune in to road safety and give it our full attention – particularly if we’re at the wheel, but also when we’re walking, cycling, skating, running, you name it – to keep ourselves and each other safe.

Half Moon’s production, More Important Things, explores road safety issues in an interactive way. The play offers audience members the chance to input into the story by presenting different options to the problems or issues showcased by the performers as they look at the dangers and life changing accidents that occur on roads when a busy young teenager is distracted by ‘more important things’. The play directly tackles the impact that serious injury and death can have upon the lives of young people, families and friends.

More Important Things was developed with Year 7s at Bethnal Green Academy to ensure an authentic voice was brought to the story.

This programme is supported by a twilight CPD on Wednesday 2 October, 4-6pm at Half Moon. All participating schools also get a DVD of the performance including teacher resources for follow-up lessons.

You can watch the performance below:

Schools interested in booking the production for their Year 7s can contact Beccy Allen on 020 7709 8908 or email us.