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Specialist Settings

We deliver a range of bespoke creative programmes that meet the needs of your school or centre and your students or users.
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Dramatic Maths for SEND Schools

A curriculum project which engages young people in maths through drama, storytelling and problem-solving. The programme can be adapted to specifically meet the needs of students in SEND schools. The programme encourages the young people to become investigators tasked with solving mathematical mysteries to help the story develop. Half Moon have successfully run this project in Highshore School in Southwark and Lansdowne School in Lambeth. All sessions are practical and visually engaging, giving students the time and space to participate in kinaesthetic learning.

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Feedback from Teachers

“All students working across NC levels 2 & 3 were included from across our school. Students were both informed and inspired through the effective combination of Maths and Drama.”

Drama workshops for SEND Schools and Specialist Centres

Whether you are looking for one-off workshops or an artist in residence for a term to provide sensory, creative sessions, we can provide something bespoke that works for your school/centre, your students/users and your budget.

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Case Study: Richard House Children’s Hospice, Newham

DramaWorks was a year-long series of drama, music and movement sessions with young people at a hospice for children and young adults. Over thirteen months we delivered, a Team Building session for the Family Support Team, workshops and performances on caring responsibilities and other themes for the siblings groups, 25 immersive drama and music sessions for the children in residential care, Drama Therapy sessions for the Mums’ Group, monthly Family Activity and Community Days and visual arts ‘transitions’ sessions about independence for the older Richard House residents.

All our sessions were immersive, in that we created a ‘world’ for the children (and their families at Activity Days) to enter and explore with us through drama, music, dance and song. Experiences were sensory and focused on the particular interests and needs of individual children and included tactile elements such as massage, water spray, soft fabrics and bubbles. Sessions also encouraged families to work together to create music and drama.

Feedback from Staff

“It has been such a brilliant experience having Half Moon Theatre working with us so closely over the last year. The staff have been so enthusiastic throughout and are incredibly creative in their approach to everything they’ve been involved in with us; they took on our monthly themes and really flew with them, creating magical experiences for our children, families and staff to really immerse themselves in, allowing some amazing exploration of the themes.

The wide range of activities that the Half Moon practitioners could provide, from music, to drama and movement, storytelling, sensory exploration and so much more, has meant that the sessions provided have been able to be accessed and enjoyed by everyone, from very young children to teenagers and adults, and with a full spectrum of abilities, communication and cognition levels and sensory impairments.”

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