Review: Oshima and the Big Sea, Sat 18 Jan

Production: Oshima and the Big Sea by Angel Heart Theatre
Publication: Mumsnet
Reviewer: Julia and Jeanette – Age 6

 “It was wonderful to see this beautiful and magical story that took us on a journey to Japan. It was a show full of kindness and gentle humour. The amazing music and songs took us all under the water to meet the King of Coral. The puppets were beautiful with the fish (angler fish, sea horse etc.) becoming our friends, teaching us to be kind, positive and to help each other. The audience – both the parents and children – participated actively, bursting with laughter and happily interacting with the actors and puppets after the show.” Julia 


“I really liked the Sea Turtle – he helped Oshima to stay alive because Oshima had helped him and been kind” Jeanette

Oshima and the Big Sea by Angel Heart Theatre