Past Projects

In the past we ran a number of bespoke community programmes that were commissioned to work with very particular groups of people.


Drama at Coborn

This project was funded by the East Thames Housing Group and enabled two of our drama practitioners to be in residence for a week at the Coborn Centre for Adolescent Mental Health at Newham General Hospital. The week-long project focused on drama skills, storytelling and puppetry, supporting the specific needs of the young people at the Centre in relation to their diagnoses and providing a framework to allow them to explore their individual creativity and interests.


Oceans of Stories

Half Moon conceived Oceans of Stories as a community development programme for women whose children attend our Youth Theatres. Many saw Half Moon as a place where their children could participate in activity that enriches their experiences and develops confidence and were keen to take part themselves. Using traditional techniques of storytelling and tapestry, the women were provided a safe space in which to find their voice and tell their story. A professional production was borne out of the women’s histories, realities and aspirations which was performed to the participants and their families and friends at Half Moon. Find out more on our Stages of Half Moon archive website.


My London

This project was a collaboration between Half Moon, The Children’s Society and a group of recent arrivals in Newham. Half Moon’s specialist tutors led this group using drama, music and spoken word to reach out across language barriers to explore what London meant to each of the young people. By the end of the project, the young people had composed and recorded their own music track.