2009 – under 5s work

The 2009 festival day showcasing all the work was held at Half Moon on July 16, and was attended by theatre professionals from across the country. Patricia Cumper (then CEO/Artistic Director Talawa Theatre Company) and Karena Johnson (then CEO/Artistic Director theBROADWAY Barking) were visiting speakers on the day, leading the provocation session.

Three pieces were developed by ensembles of artists and presented as scratch performances. Each piece was developed over a period of 8 days, including encounters in local schools.

Rip, Fold, Scrunch

A new play of very few words using paper as a tool for an imaginative story of developing friendship with a live cello and vocal soundscape.

After a successful run at Half Moon in early 2010, Rip, Fold, Scrunch toured nationally between April and June 2011. For more information, visit the Production Archive page.

Jesal Patel – Dancer
Gauri Sharma Tripathi – Choreographer
Ayanna Witter-Johnson – Musician
Maria Thomas – Theatre Artist
Partner Centre for Development Barkantine Community Day Nursery, E14

The Magical Adventure of Spud & Plum

A movement based play with no words exploring how friendships can be both fun and challenging.

The Magical Adventure of Spud & Plum was redeveloped, renamed Plum and Pickle, and enjoyed a very successful premiere during Half Moon’s 2010/11 season. For more information, visit the Production Archive page.

James Grant – Composer
Temujin Gill – Choreographer
Wai Yin Kwok – Designer
Megha Sharma – Theatre Artist
Partner Centre for Development – Stewart Headlam Primary and Nursery School, E1


Moon and Genie

A play of simple poetry and song using food as a tool for cross-generational dialogue through the eyes of a little boy and his grandmother who isn’t well.

The rehearsed reading featured actors: Waleed Akhtar, Marcia Mantack, Carol Moses and Kim Hardy.

Moon and Genie was subsequently fully commissioned and was selected to be part of the 2011 Arts Council Decibel Showcase in the autumn of 2011. The piece was further re-worked and then toured nationally in 2013, in co-production with York Theatre Royal. For more information, visit the Production Archive page.

Tanika Gupta – Writer
Partner Centre for Development – Barkantine Community Day Nursery, E14


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