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Next Meeting: 

The next gathering will be @ Gulbenkian, Canterbury on Wednesday 12 February from 11.15am until 3.30pm.

This is our quarterly meeting to match the rhythm of season programming, so an opportunity to bring brochures, reflect on work seen and discuss potential collaborative programming opportunities etc. etc., and of course hopefully some lively discussions. It is great that we are able to visit Gulbenkian, so thanks to Becky Lees and her colleagues in advance for hosting.

The schedule for the day will run as follows:

11.15-11.30am – teas / coffees etc. on arrival

11.30 – 12.15pm – Tutu Trouble in Gulbenkian Theatre

12.30 – 1.15pm – Lunch

1.15 – 3.15pm – general meeting

3.15 – 3.30pm – optional tour of Gulbenkian

Feel free to stay afterwards for the afternoon and evening programme of the South by South East Festival – produced by Gulbenkian and 1DegreeEast to showcase Kent-based artists. Schedule for the afternoon and evening events will be confirmed soon, and we will forward that nearer the time.

About the performance:

Tutu Trouble is an exciting original new physical theatre show for children aged 6+.

Choreographed by Vinicius Salles and performed by Errant’s multi-talented dancers, Tutu Trouble is the story of Carolina and her best friend Scruff who find a magical tutu hidden in a box in the woods, leading them on an exciting adventure of discovery and friendship. With its positive LGBTQ+ theme, it’s all about being who or what you want to be…. even if you’re a dog!

Details see: https://errant.org.uk/tutu

This show will tour in Autumn 2020/Spring 2021, so the producers 1DegreeEast will be interested in talking to us post the show.

About the wider festival / activities

South by South East is a new 3-day festival produced by Gulbenkian and 1DegreeEast celebrating the creative talent in Kent. Over 3 days (12th – 14th Feb 2020) we will showcase fantastic work from the region, as well as offering opportunities for industry professionals and local artists to network, share learning and ideas. The full programme will be announced in early 2020.

Lunch Arrangements:

 Gulbenkian have a café which sells a wide range of hot and cold food and drinks.

Getting to Gulbenkian:


University of Kent




Gulbenkian is situated at the heart of the University of Kent campus in Canterbury and is easily reached by foot from Canterbury, public transport and car. The nearest train station is Canterbury West. See information on how to get to us here: https://thegulbenkian.co.uk/your-visit/

Note the start time of the day has been agreed so that trains arriving to the nearest train station Canterbury West are broadly reasonable to get. The link above has fuller details.

About the host venue:

Gulbenkian is the University of Kent’s Arts Centre offering innovative, engaging and high quality arts activity for the public, university staff and students. It provides a key role in delivering the University commitment to public engagement and has a particular focus on the creative empowerment of children and young people. www.thegulbenkian.co.uk

General information:

The Consortium is only open to programmers across the country. If you want to attend this meeting or are  interested in being part of this group, please make a request initially to Chris Elwell. The consortium is managed by Half Moon on behalf of the TYA sector.



About the TYA Venue Programmers’ Consortium

The Consortium is for people across the country who programme work for children and young people into their venue, into touring networks, community, rural or local authority spaces. The sessions are scheduled quarterly and aim to provide a space to discuss work, latest trends and explore collaborative programming, and, importantly, provide a networking opportunity. The group is unconstituted, non-minuted and is without a formal agenda working to Chatham House Rules providing an open, safe space for discussion. The group first met in 1990, and has met regularly since then with a broad membership of around 75 venues, averaging about 35/40 attendees at each meeting.

The host venue for meetings rotates across Consortium members who provide an opportunity to watch a piece of work as part of the day. This varies from a piece in development to a full production.

A typical gathering follows this pattern (times can vary):
10.30am: meet, teas/coffees etc.
11am: main meeting
1pm: lunch
1.30pm: opportunity to see performance / work share / work-in-progress at host venue and meet the company/short discussion
3.30pm: end

The Consortium is only open to programmers across the country. If you are interested in being part of this group or attending our next meeting (details above), please make a request initially to Chris Elwell. The consortium is managed by Half Moon on behalf of the TYA sector.