EY Dance and Drama

EY Dance and Drama

A series of sessions across a term or just a few weeks: the Dance and Drama programme for Early Years builds from movement, physical expression and dance to stories and narrative through storyworlds and multi-sensory play.

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Sessions enable a class of children (or a smaller group of children and their parents/carers together) to explore their bodies and their imaginations, encouraging children to feel confident with dance and creative movement, which impacts on the children’s physical development. Sessions develop children’s strength and balance as well as encouraging a sense of narrative in their play.

In response to requests from local children’s centres in Tower Hamlets, we designed the Early Years Dance and Drama programme to meet a need and encourage more physical play and exercise in very young children. The programme is designed to work with children and parents and carers together in a community setting where everyone can get involved and play together. We have also adapted the programme to work in Nursery School and Primary School settings, working with a class of up to 30 children and supporting staff. The programme explores journeys to different environments in the world and their city and supports children in developing their imaginative play as well as their physical exploration.


We deliver a five or ten week programme and can work indoors or outdoors. Sessions are delivered by two experienced practitioners and use everyday materials to create a sensory experience that can be easily replicated at home by parents and carers. Sessions are normally preceded and followed by free play time, to enable the formal session to build on the children’s own creativity. In a ten-week programme we will also include a one-off messy play session to enable children to explore movement with sensory visual art materials.

You can read feedback on the programme here:

Download EY Dance and Drama – Evaluation Report (Dec 2016)