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IMG_8904Half Moon have been fully funded by Tower Hamlets Council (as part of the Youth Service) to pilot an out of school provision in a ‘neutral space’ for 11 year olds who are deemed at risk whilst transitioning into secondary School. This will take place after school hours and during the school holidays.

  • The outcome for this programme is that through early identification children, who may, for various reasons, be at risk of disengagement due, for example, to early signs of adolescent mental health issues, worries about transition to secondary school etc, will through the additional support offered be less likely to need targeted service in future.
  • These sessions will support the young people by enabling them to better express themselves, build their confidence and develop soft skills, such as effective communication, presentation, decision-making, taking responsibility and making a commitment. In addition, participants will use a range of participant-centred active/drama techniques to explore wider issues that are impacting their lives (e.g. bullying, anti-social behaviour, prejudice / discrimination, friendships).

Age 11 -12 is a time where change and transitioning can impact a child’s life in a multitude of ways. This project is specifically for those young people who are experiencing, or are about to experience  the primary to secondary transition phase. We hope through this project to alleviate and support anxieties of those taking part, whilst building friendships, and learning through creative engagement.

We will be working across all 4 quadrants of Tower Hamlets, the pilot will be taking place in all 4 quadrants of Tower Hamlets, some starting as early as June 2018.

North West and South West Model

June 2018 – October 2018

5 weeks when the young people are in year 6 (one session per week), one full week summer project, followed by 5 sessions, (once a week) when they are in year 7  

North East Model

Summer 2018 – December 2018

One full week in the summer, followed by 10 weeks once they are in year 7

South East Model

September 2018 – March 2019

10 weeks, in term 1 of year 6, followed by 5 weeks in term 2 of year 6

We have funding to sign up 150 young people, across Tower Hamlets!

If you are a school, or a parent who would like to discuss this further, please contact or call on 0207 709 8908

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