Past Projects

Details of some of our past projects give an idea of the breadth of work we can offer your setting, including tailored programmes.

For more details of past projects visit the Stages of Half Moon archive (Participatory Projects).

Poetry Quest

We worked in partnership with the Prince’s Foundation for Children & the Arts with the support of Bank of America Merrill Lynch to offer students from Tower Hamlets the opportunity to discover the world of performance poetry, by seeing a live performance and working with professional poets on their own poems.

The project provided over 200 Year 5 and 6 students the opportunity to work with two local poets to develop their own poetry at our venue and their schools. The project was supported by teacher training and culminated in a finale performance of the children’s own work at Half Moon in February 2012.


Reflections was an exciting participatory drama project which took place at five schools. This project used creative and innovative ways to develop communication and interaction and to explore the concepts of identity and self-image with children on the autistic spectrum. This was achieved through close consultation and collaboration with teachers at the schools involved. With particular emphasis on inclusion and access, the title Reflections indicates the project’s focus on self observation and understanding.

The project was led by a team of highly experienced drama and music tutors working with a video artist. It comprised a series of five experiential, cross-arts drama workshops designed to encourage the children to make creative explorations of their physical, emotional and social identities. Four developmental workshops took place at each school and the final session took the form of a multi-sensory installation workshop at Phoenix School. In addition, throughout the project there was a joint scheme of work planned with teachers at participating schools.

Below you can watch the video of the 2008 Reflections project:

Mini Beasts

Surrey Square Infant School - Grubs, Bugs and SlugsExploring Science, living things and their environments. This project was a fun, drama-based investigation of the insect life in our gardens, parks, allotments and open spaces. Giant leaves, grass and tunnels allowed for an interactive sensory exploration in a workshop that encouraged families to play together. The project also involved a musician and a storyteller to help develop an imaginative relationship with nature.

Sun, Sea and Sentences

An historical project featuring literacy and Geography: travelling back to the Edwardian seaside to unravel a mystery with Elsie and Bertie. The children created dramas, wrote poems and letters as well as followed clues to discover aspects of history and geography. A ‘big book’ was created that was used for the class to share their adventures. The project empowered children to become more confident communicators, both through writing and speaking.

Journey Together

Journey Together


Drama play sessions for pre-school children and their parents and carers. Journey Together offered a unique opportunity for parents and carers of different backgrounds to play and learn alongside their children in a creative, structured and supportive environment.

Lyrical Laps

An afterschool literacy and spoken word project turning pupils into word wizards through a dynamic exploration of poetry and performance. The project used a letter of the alphabet as a stimulus for the class to explore poetry before they created their own spoken work pieces which were performed, videoed and shared back to the group.

Below you can watch the video of the 2010 Lyrical Laps project:

Case Study: Lyrical Laps

Jan-Mar 2010: Eight Tower Hamlets schools including Ben Jonson and Marion Richardson.

After an inspiring CPD session teaching staff in all eight schools delivered their own projects. The scale of this project enabled an additional element – an audiovisual installation at Half Moon. The films of the students spoken word pieces were edited and woven together with their artwork in a specially created installation which they as well as friends and family visited.

“The quality of the work the children did was amazing. Their speaking and listening skills improved and so too did their confidence in performing and writing.” – Teacher
Funded by Tower Hamlets Extended Schools