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At Half Moon, we have a wide range of performances on throughout the year which are available for schools bookings. These include performances that take place at our theatre but also shows teachers can book to come into school.

Most of the dates for shows in our theatre are set at the start of the academic year, but we can sometimes offer additional performances of one of our Half Moon presents shows at the theatre in response to requests from schools.

Interested in a specific performance at a specific time of year? Take a look at the list below and contact us to find out more.

All tickets are £7 each.




SUSANNAH AND THE SUNFLOWERSusannahandtheSunflower-square-1000
(Nursery – Year 3)
When: Fri 25 Jan
Times: 10.30am & 1.30pm

Susannah dreams of creating the most beautiful flower garden but nothing seems to grow. With the help of some magic seeds from the wizard, Susannah sets out on a fantastical shadow adventure, following in the footsteps of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Face to face with the giant who lives in the Cloud Castle, can Susannah avoid being eaten and help cheer him up? Everyone knows giants love to dance and eat ice cream, but even giants can feel lonely. Will the giant chicken come to her rescue and what do the snails at the bottom of the garden have to say?

Told using simple shadow puppetry this is a celebration of all things that grow tall and dream big.

Performance running time: 50 minutes
Tickets: £7 each (adults go free based on ratios required for the age group*)

A Ripstop Theatre production


The Goose Who Flew. Photo by Stephen Beeny (1-web-square)THE GOOSE WHO FLEW
(Nursery – Year 2)
When: Fri 1 Feb
Times: 10.30am & 1.30pm

Goose loves the summer, playing with his family and friends, but soon it will be time for him to fly south for the winter. As his journey begins, things are not as they should be. Down below, a border has appeared and there are barbed wire fences and flashing lights.

Using charming storytelling, simple puppetry and an assortment of quirky characters, The Goose Who Flew is a heartfelt story about the importance of compassion, community and understanding, which offers an age appropriate exploration of the issues facing people who seek safety in a new land.

Performance running time: 40 minutes
Tickets: £7 each (adults go free based on ratios required for the age group*)

Half Moon presents a Lots of Odds Theatre production


Circles in the Sand sliderCIRCLES IN THE SAND
(Nursery and Reception)
When: Fri 8 Feb
Times: 10am, 11.15am & 1.30pm

Slipping through your fingers
Soft between your toes
Grab it, drop it
Where is it gone?

Join us in a world of buckets, castle building, spinning and tumbling in this delightful show for under 3s which explores sand in new and exciting ways.

With no words, and accompanied by an evocative soundtrack of world music, Circles in the Sand is an intimate, imaginative and captivating show, providing the perfect introduction to theatre for the very young.

At the end of the performance, children are invited onto the stage to delight in the feel of the sand as it trickles between fingers and toes.

Performance running time: 25 minutes
Tickets: £7 each (adults go free based on ratios required for the age group*)

Half Moon presents a Tam Tam Theatre production


(Year 1 – Year 5)
When: Thurs 13 Jun & Fri 14 Jun
Times: 10.30am & 1.30pm

Young Herbert is a little horror. Living on a boat should be the ideal life for a wannabe pirate, but the boat’s grounded until Herbert can learn to tidy his cabin, eat his greens and be more polite. A big storm brews up when Herbert is sent home from school and Mum calls on Great Uncle Albatross – navy captain and scourge of all pirates – to warn him of the dangers of rebellion.

But who is Great Uncle Albatross and do his cautionary tales really have the power to make Young Herbert behave? Or will they just give Young Herbert the horrors?

Featuring swashbuckling verse, jaunty music, gallows humour and the obligatory parrot, Young Herbert’s Horrors is Justin Coe’s brand new spoken word show for children, following the highly popular Big Wow, Small Wonder.

Performance running time: 45 minutes
Tickets: £7 each (adults go free based on ratios required for the age group*)

Half Moon presents a Justin Coe production


For schools bookings contact: BECCY, 020 7709 8908

*We offer free tickets for adults in line with the recommended ratios as outlined by Ofsted:

Nursery – one free adult ticket for every two child tickets bought
Reception – one free adult ticket for every four child tickets bought
KS1 – one free adult ticket for every six child tickets bought
KS2 and up – one free adult ticket for every ten child tickets bought

Available in your school or on request at the theatre:

Some of our shows are available on dates that are convenient for you, either in your school or at our theatre:

Download Half Moon Presents Primary Pack 2018-19

Note: some Secondary Schools have booked one of our shows for younger children as a reference piece for GCSE groups looking at the genre of Children’s Theatre. You could consider hosting a performance for one of your local feeder Primary Schools, for instance.