Careers in Theatre

Our hands-on, project-management style experience of all aspects of professional theatre at KS3/4 is a multi-disciplinary introduction to theatre making. Careers in Theatre gives participants the opportunity to work alongside theatre specialists culminating in creating a performance piece over just one day. Students are allocated a discipline for the day (acting, stage management, lighting design, set/costume design, composition/sound design) which then become student-led, culminating in role-playing a production meeting, running the technical and dress rehearsals, leading up to the final performance at day’s end. Later sessions offer the students guidance on how to pursue their career ambitions within the arts.

Note: this programme is mainly offered to KS4 students, but we have successfully run the programme for Y7s as a tool to develop collaboration and team-building. Please contact us to discuss how the programme can best support your school. 

Read a Social Story of Phase 1 of the 14/15 Programme here. You can see all the best photos from Phase 1 of the 15/16 Programme here.

Download Careers in Theatre – Information Pack for Teachers (Autumn 2017)


Read last year’s evaluation report here:

Download Careers in Theatre – Evaluation Report (2016-17)


Careers in Theatre is a three-phase programme:

Phase 1: a day-long programme in November which brings together around 50 students, often from two or three different schools, in teams of five disciplines who use a script extract as a stimulus to work collaboratively to produce a fully staged performance by 5pm. More than 300 young people take part over five to seven days.

Phase 2: participants return to Half Moon to see a performance and find out about routes into the industry. Students take away an understanding of the skills and qualities necessary for a career in theatre alongside the qualifications which can help them achieve their ambitions.

Phase 3: one student from each school undertakes a one-week work experience placement at Half Moon including observing workshop activities in the local community, supporting our Youth Theatres and arts administration work.

You can watch a documentary of Phase 1 of the 2012-2013 programme here:

You can hear from a teacher involved in the 2012-2013 programme here: