Past Projects

Details of some of our past projects give an idea of the breadth of work we can offer your setting, including tailored programmes. or more details of past projects visit the Stages of Half Moon archive (Participatory Projects).

My London

A citizenship project to explore London’s diversity. Students take a creative journey that investigates identity and community through drama and music. Working with a drama facilitator and music producer, students are supported in creating their own lyrics and beats which are produced to create their own CDs.

Traffic Lights

A drama-based PHSE and emotional literacy project to explore emotions, particularly anger. Working with a range of specialists, including a drama facilitator, fine artist or writer, the students are guided to recognise their triggers and provided with techniques for managing their emotions positively.

My Comic

Students create their own comic or story book with the support of an illustrator and storyteller from Half Moon. The theme of the story is led by you and your students. All members of the class contribute to the book and students receive their own individual copy as well as having a bound copy for the school.

Lighting Course

14Nov - Cueing the lighting boardThis bespoke course was created after students had particularly enjoyed this technical skill that they experienced during Careers in Theatre. So a bespoke six-week course was created providing an opportunity for the young people at Oaklands School to gain hands on skills, knowledge and experience in designing and operating theatre lighting for performances.

The course covered topics such as Health & Safety, electrical testing, rigging, designing and operating the lights. Every student finished the course with their own lighting design. The course is taught by a professional stage manager and Half Moon’s Production Manager and a professional Lighting Designer.

The Arrival

The Arrival was a two phase project between Half Moon, Thomas Buxton Junior School and Swanlea Secondary School. The project consisted of individual workshops in each school using practical drama and theatre work to develop the young people’s skills, knowledge and creativity. Students from Year 5 Thomas Buxton school and Years 7 – 9 from Swanlea school, explored, The Arrival, a graphic novel that explores migration and settlement by Shaun Tan. The groups responded to this material through a combination of drama sessions, as well as working with a musician and choreographer to create a music track and movement piece. The work concluded with an opportunity for the young people from the two schools to come together at Half Moon to share what they had done and create a new piece of work together.

In Our Own Words

Using words, rhythm and rhyme, one of Half Moon’s specialist spoken word artists and an expert drama facilitator work with your group to produce their very own cutting edge performance pieces. Areas for exploration can be agreed in advance or emerge organically from the group.

Below you can watch the video of the 2010 In Our Own Words project with Catch 22

Case Study

June-July 2010: Catch 22 and PRUs in Islington, Croydon, Merton and Bromley

Half Moon worked in partnership with Catch 22 and students from Primary and Secondary PRUs across London. Over a series of workshops with a musician and drama tutors, the young people explored their experiences of the education system and exclusion. Drama was used to share their feelings in a safe way and students then created lyrics and a CD to express their opinions in their own words.

“A massive thank you to your team, we’ve had some fantastic feedback from the schools.” – Catch 22