Blog: Abdulahi Kadir

Monday 25th March

I took 2 trains and walked for what felt like hours and was late! Incredible! I had a go at the Gallery Trial and thought of some ideas for the next one that was being created. I went all photographic for Online Safety, and chose some images for children to make their own posters about awareness. I mostly enjoyed typing up the CPD feedback, it was my favourite thing to do – pièce de résistance. The reviews were extraordinary and exciting. The experience was amazing and lifted spirits.

Tuesday 26th March

A list all about today…

Today the type-up of CPD feedback continues!

I also tried to create some snow with Androulla for one of the Youth Theatre groups.

I had the chance to watch the rehearsal of Eclipse Youth Theatre. I was mesmerised and astonished. It was a wonderful sight to see.

I acted as an usher for the sharing. I believe I was a wonderful usher for the show.

The show was an amazing one and the audience went WILD!!

Wednesday 27th March

I had a mortifying journey! Let’s just say – it was an impossible one!

Once I settled, I watched the rehearsal of Equinox Youth Theatre, it was comical and a LAUGH YOUR SOCKS OFF one! Everyone had a laugh and smiles shone upon those who frowned. The show was absolutely FUNNY!!! The show really turned heads. The performers got angry after several miscommunications. All in all, the show had its ups and downs and was enjoyable

Thursday 28th March

Today I worked with Phil, helping him to sort out the theatre space after 2 days of performances. This was hard work but good. I also did some more admin work.

Friday 29th March – Day off!

Saturday 30th March

Today’s sharings were HILARIOUS, no wonder smiles appeared yet again! The smiles that shone on everyone’s faces were OUTSTANDING.

The opportunity I have been given to work in this wonderful theatre was extraordinary. It is fun working at Half Moon! We had our fair share of laughs and giggles but all good things must come to an end. I leave in 1 hour and am building a mind-set for school days. I want to wish you all the best, and see you soon.


Abdulahi Abdul Kadir came to us from London Enterprise Academy (Tower Hamlets), 25th March – 30th March 2019.