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An archive of all our work experience blogs. Read on and find out first hand what it’s like to spend a week with us!

Chelsea Crouch - 800

Blog: Chelsea Crouch

Hey my name’s Chelsea and I have just finished my two weeks of work experience, and this week I was at the famous Half…

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Work Exp Blog 2

Blog: Zara Nasir

4 days at Half Moon Day 1: It was 12:30 when I was stood outside the Half Moon Theatre; I was feeling animated and surpr…

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Afis Square

Blog: Afis Adeyemi

When arriving outside the theatre I was excited to see what it had in store for me but at the same time nervous to see i…

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Abdul (Square)

Blog: Abdul Hameed

Day 1: On my first day of work experience I made my way to the theatre rather early: I set out at 09:25 when I had to be…

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Ayesha - Square

Blog: Ayesha Akhtar

Day 1: On my first day at Half Moon Theatre I started at 12:00 and had arrived on time and I was really nervous and shy …

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Ellie Square

Blog: Ellie Clappison Smith

I am coming to the end of my week of work experience at the Half Moon Theatre, and I have really enjoyed myself. All th…

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Work Exp Blog 3

Blog: Shaan Khan

Today is my last day as a member of the Half Moon and I am happy because I have helped so much and it was a great kick s…

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Mariyah's Image

Blog: Mariyah Aslam

Hello there, Today is unfortunately my last day of work experience at Half Moon but instead of dwelling on the negatives…

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Beyonce - Square

Blog: Beyoncé Meikle

Tuesday 12th July 2016 My first day of work experience with Half Moon was at the Rich Mix in Brick Lane, helping out wit…

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Shannon - Square

Blog: Shannon Lewis-Brooks

Day1… I arrived outside Half Moon Theatre at 10:00am as requested, I noticed that I wasn’t feeling nervous at all, j…

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Khalilah Square

Blog: Khalilah Lubega

20th June I came in at 9:45 in and was greeted by Euan who then gave me a tour of the historic building. Euan then infor…

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Crystal - Square

Blog: Crystal Raybe

To read, or not to read, that is the question. Well I would obviously advise you to read, but if you choose not to just …

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Work Exp Blog 3

Blog: Sumayah Belbouab

Hi… My name is Sumayah and I have been at Half Moon Theatre for a week on my work experience. I’m going to shar…

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IMG_4849 (small)

Blog: Tallulah Frendo

Tallulah came to us from Bishop Challoner School (Tower Hamlets) from 19th-23rd January 2016. You can download Tallulah&…

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Praise (Square)

Blog: Praise Akinwande

“I know what you’re thinking this is just another simple blog post but I’m going to tell you that you’re wro…

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Jason (Square)

Blog: Jason Fox

Monday 9th November After a bus journey of questionable quality, I arrive at the theatre at 9:30, with a craving for a c…

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Devki (square)

Blog: Devki Makwana

Hi, my name is Devki I am writing a blog about my experience here at the Half Moon Theatre! Waking up to my alarm, which…

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Work Exp Blog 3

Blog: Anisa Taznim

I started my work placement on a Monday. There’s not really much to say about Monday apart from the fact that it’s a…

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Work Exp Blog 3

Blog: Larebb Butt

Placement as a Student Mentor on Summer School at Oaklands Secondary School in Bethnal Green. I quickly noticed the enth…

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Work Exp Blog 2

Blog: Jamal Al-Araimy

Placement as a Student Mentor on Summer School at Oaklands Secondary School in Bethnal Green. At the beginning, children…

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Blog: Sayema Begum

Hello there! My name is Sayema and as you can probably already tell, I am going to blog about my one week work experienc…

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Maisie's M

Blog: Maisie Clements

Hi there my name is Maisie, and I am doing work experience for my first time at the Half Moon. I am so very happy that I…

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Marjan Noor

Blog: Marjan Noor

Hi my name is Marjan Noor and I am currently doing my work experience at Half Moon. I began doing my work experience on …

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William Baker

Blog: William Baker

Hey everyone, I’m William and I’ve been lucky enough to do my work experience here at Half Moon. In this blog I will…

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Blog: Gabe Rataj

Hi, I’m Gabe and I’m currently doing my last day of work experience here at Half Moon Theatre. It’s been a great w…

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Deng Yan San

Blog: Deng Yan San

Hi I’m Deng Yan San! I’m currently doing a week’s work experience at the Half Moon as part of the Careers in Thea…

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Blog: Zakir Hussain

It’s my last day of my week, of the world of work at Half Moon Theatre. I wish I had more time because there are a lot…

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Blog: Lasairiona O’Baroid

Hi readers! My name is Lasairiona. When I was first given the opportunity to do work experience I knew that I definitely…

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Blog: Almitra Simpson

Hi everyone! My name’s Almitra and sadly, my 1 week long work experience at The Half Moon Theatre is coming to an end.…

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Blog: Grace Hornett

I was luckily given the opportunity to spend a week doing my work experience placement at Half Moon Theatre. This was a …

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Blog: Sayka Islam

Sayka Islam has been on Work Experience at Half Moon from 8 to 12 September. Read about her experience below: Hi Everyon…

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Henry Mathias

Blog: Henry Mathias

My week at the Half Moon Theatre is sadly coming to an end, but it is an experience that I will not forget. I have watch…

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Shannon Hussain

Blog: Shannon Hussain

Hi readers! My name is Shannon, and I am on my penultimate day of my week long work experience placement here at the Hal…

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Blog: Holly Lancaster

I was given an incredible opportunity to work at Half Moon Theatre for one week of work experience, giving me an insight…

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Izahera Selim

Blog: Izahera Selim

Half Moon have given me this incredible chance to work with them for work experience. For the last couple of days for my…

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