Blog: Abdul Hameed

Abdul (Square)Day 1: On my first day of work experience I made my way to the theatre rather early: I set out at 09:25 when I had to be there by 10:00. However, I overestimated the time it would take me to get here and I arrived 20-30 minutes early. On the first day my task was to take pictures of the artwork around the building and then place them into a table with all their prices and who they were created by and how and on what paper/canvases . I found this task very enjoyable as it meant I got to use the camera and it was also challenging as I had to take photos without any glare in them but it was hard as the whole theatre is full of lights and glass which reflected sunlight onto the photos. As a whole the day was very fun.

Day 2: I started off by finishing the prices of the pictures and then had to fix something on the website which at first was all right but got very repetitive. On this day I watched one of the upcoming shows, ‘her’ which was very interesting. It was set in London where a girl suddenly loses her whole world and her house. The play is set in London but it explores various themes and problems all around the world. In fact it seems as if the settings are always changing just like the characters but they all explore the same themes.

Day 3:  I started off with some listings of all the shows on different websites which was boring but had to be done. It was a very long and tedious task which I continued over the rest of the week. Also today I learned how to use the guillotine (no not the 18th century head chopping device) which is a paper cutting machine. I used it to cut little leaflets to be put on a table so people could take them after the show of ‘her’.

Day 4: I started today off the same as all days arriving 30 minutes early again as always, then I was expecting to start of with more guillotining however the things I was cutting were gone so I sat down to the long and extremely boring task of listings which even if it is boring it introduces me to the real world of work where not everything you do will be easy and fun for you.

Day 5: I started off at a different time today I decided I would be doing  11-5 so today I am doing a youth theatre for young kids which was fun and something different for a change compared to what I normally do also today I am going to take part in an animation workshop and watch a screening of ‘her’ which I watched a dress rehearsal earlier this week which should be cool.

Abdul came to us from Stepney Green Maths, Computing and Science College (Tower Hamlets) from 31 January – 4 February 2017.