Blog: Afis Adeyemi

Afis SquareWhen arriving outside the theatre I was excited to see what it had in store for me but at the same time nervous to see if I could handle the life of a working man. When I entered the door, I was met with smiles and happy greetings from all the staff present that day. After I was introduced to everyone I had the pleasure of going on a VIP tour of the building where I got to see all three floors (even the creepy basement). After I was given this prestigious tour from Beccy, I then was introduced to the dreadful  job of put listings onto various websites. I started off with an enthusiastic approach to the listings which ended up turning into a brainless version of me typing away at various websites making me memorise all the information I needed as I had come across it so much. Later on that day I was relieved of that job then introduced to the exciting youth theatre club where I was surprised with the sheer talent that the young children involved in it possessed. This was my highlight of the day as I was introduced to young talented faces and was given the pleasure of being a part of their creative process. I wrote a report about this amazing experience which you can also read as a download below. I went home that day with a smile on my face from absolute anticipation of my next working day.

The next day began and when I entered I was presented with the tedious job of updating the listings on the website but because luckily I had done a good job the day before I only had a few more websites to put the listings on. After finishing this task with haste I was then told to begin writing my report on the youth theatre club I was involved in the day before. When given this task I was happy because recalling the memories of the club made me joyous and excited to share my experiences with everyone. Then once that was completed I was given the tedious yet simple job of correcting mistakes on the website. What I had to do was rewrite all the names in the name box after doing this I would have to update the information for each play. This simple task of updating the Stages of Half Moon website revealed to me that working in theatre wasn’t as I expected because although there is occasional practical work, the skill crucial to this job is being computer savvy and being able to operate devices like computers and having various technical skills, that may seem tedious at times. Later on in the day I was part of another youth theatre club which I learned was called Equinox, this club was different from the other as they were exploring a different topic and it seems like they were starting to devise a piece to perform. This club was made up of what I thought to be older (or maybe just taller) children. This club was interesting to see how different they are from the other club. If you want more information I have also written a report about that club as well.

On Thursday I was 20 minutes late because of the train and when I arrived I was waiting to get shouted at but actually they said nothing. Curious as to why, I said to Beccy: “aren’t you going to say anything about me being late” she responded with “when you are late in work experience you won’t get shouted at, it’s just you have to stay for longer”. I was both shocked and relieved to learn that this was one way work was different to school. After I wrote my report on Equinox we had a meeting with all the staff which I sat and watched to learn about what they talk about in the meeting. To my surprise the highlight of the meeting was talking about a broken hoover and how it was sexist to call the pink Henry, Henrietta. After the meeting I was given the privilege to oversee a rehearsal from some of the people involved in the production ‘Boys Don’t’. This gave me a better insight on how the artistic development process worked and what it takes behind the scenes to be an actor or to create a theatrical piece. Nothing else eventful happened that day it went on as usual.

The next day when I arrived, I was given the task of cutting down their leaflets to size and displaying them with the rest of the leaflets, after this I watched the show The Girl and the Giraffe which I wrote a review about that you can download below, if you want more information. I was then giving the task of scanning pictures. After I was done with this, I had the chance to usher at the next performance of the show, but nobody tried to run on the stage so it was alright. I then came back to my desk to update my blog with the news of today. I also had to do some researching and I had to type up some reviews from young people.

Saturday was my final day so I was a little sad to know that I might not ever see some of the people I worked with again. When arriving I found that there were a few workers which I had not met before working here. Then I was part of one of the theatre’s Saturday sessions. It started off with the Comets Youth Theatre which were an enthusiastic group of children who were exploring  shadow puppets. The atmosphere in the room was really good and it seemed as if all the children were having a fun time and really enjoying the lesson and whilst this was happening they were also learning useful dramatical skills. This was a recurring feeling throughout Sunbeams and Moonbeams Youth Theatre. I also found that the sessions were well planned to cater for all the children’s individual needs without neglecting any child, this was also recurring through the day.

Afis came to us from Green Spring Academy Shoreditch (Tower Hamlets) from 21 – 25 February 2017.

Download Youth Theatre Report

Download The Girl and the Giraffe Review