Blog: Almitra Simpson

IMG_8120Hi everyone! My name’s Almitra and sadly, my 1 week long work experience at The Half Moon Theatre is coming to an end. I’m going to be honest, when my teacher got me this work placement; I started crying to my friends. I was the only person in my year that was going to be coming here, which meant having to be on my own… for a whole week! (Which, just so you know, isn’t as long as I originally thought). Anyway, after a heart-to-heart conversation with my drama teacher, I was finally persuaded to go along with work experience here, and I’m really glad I did.

On my first day, I was introduced to the whole team, and was given a tour of the theatre. I got to sit through a technical rehearsal of the play ‘Free’ and even got to meet the actors. Getting to see the technical run was really great, I didn’t have to do anything, just sit and watch. Usually in school when we do tech rehearsals, I’m the one either doing the lighting and sound, or the acting, so to be able to see what it was like from an audience point of view really helped me to appreciate every role in theatre, and just how much time goes into a performance. Later that day, I got to go down to St. Matthias primary school, where I watched a ‘Dramatic Maths’ workshop. I got to take pictures of the kids in action, and they were honestly the cutest bunch ever.

My second and third days were great too. I got to go to the local history library, which I can honestly say, is the first time I’ve read for 1 hour straight…without falling asleep. I also went through pictures and papers from Half Moon in the past and learnt quite a bit about the history of the Theatre which I found interesting.

On my fourth day at Half Moon, I was given the chance to relax and write up my blog for the Half Moon Website. I also wrote a review on the play ‘Free’ that I was able to watch, which was wicked. Since the week’s been pretty hands on, I really appreciated being able to type all day, and was even able to get some of my coursework done.

On my last day (Cue tears and sad song)… I took part in three workshops for 5-8year olds. Getting to take part in the workshop was really fun and lively. I also got to join in with a playwriting workshop and a spoken word poetry workshop, both of which I found really helpful and got a lot out of.

Overall, my week at Half Moon was really amazing, all the staff were lovely, the activities and jobs I had to do weren’t boring and most of all it was fun. I would totally recommend anybody wanting a future in theatre to do their work experience here.

 Almitra came to us from Mulberry School (Tower Hamlets) from 13th-18th October 2014.