Blog: Ayesha Akhtar

Ayesha - SquareDay 1: On my first day at Half Moon Theatre I started at 12:00 and had arrived on time and I was really nervous and shy but I had felt very welcomed and had met lots of new people…well you know you see new faces every day. I had started the day off by scanning. At first I was thinking whether or not I will be doing this for the whole day or week or how will I remember what to press so Beccy showed me how to scan negative photos which was so easy because I only had to press two buttons. She also told me that they will be uploading it on their website to show people all the shows they have performed over the years. By 2pm I had finished completing some of the scanning and went on my lunch break for an hour.  At 4pm Beccy told me that I will be joining in with the Youth Theatre. I really enjoyed this as I got to see children being creative and didn’t think that children of that age group would be so interested in drama and I was totally shocked by this. Madeleine ran these sessions for two hours. We played games such as passing the clap along, bibbidi bobbidi boo which is a game where someone says bibbidi bobbidi boo and you have to say boo before them. I thought that this was a great activity for them as it helped them to keep focused. I had finished my day at 6pm and went home with wonderful things to share.

Day 2: The next day I started my day by scanning: ‘woo hoo’. But I didn’t mind because I was told that I would be joining another Youth Theatre at 4pm I had really enjoyed this session because I got to see another group expressing their creativity and it was  really enjoyable. Later on that day I went to a Solar Youth Theatre for disabled young people and I found this really interesting as they really showed their talents and were able to express themselves in such a calm way.

Day 3: On Thursday Beccy took me to another centre where I met up with Madeleine and it was a playgroup for parents and their children. These children were learning about dinosaurs and did some drawing to show their creative side. I went back to Half Moon then Beccy said that I am going to see auditions for the male part for a play that will be coming out soon and I was so excited because it was something totally new for me. We saw three male characters and I left the director to decide who she will choose. I then realised that to be an actor or actress it is really hard so you have to build yourself up to get these sort of roles.

Day 4: Two more day left and I didn’t want it to come to an end. I realised that I want to work with the theatre even more so I asked Beccy if I can do some more work experience later on and she said “yep that’s fine.”  Afterwards I went upstairs with Chris to watch rehearsals of Maddy and the Invisible Band of Groovers. The play was really funny and interesting because the characters were taking us back to the old days and were making jokes. I finished at 4pm and was happy that I chose Half Moon as my placement.

Day 5: Unfortunately today is my last day. I have made lots of memories and will be recommending it to others as I have had lots of fun and have enjoined being at Half Moon. I went to three Youth Theatres today and we were doing still images of fairytales. Euan told me that I will be watching a play called Penguin Pig. The children absolutely loved this and said “I want to see part two of Penguin Pig.” I will be leaving at 4pm today and will really miss Half Moon but I will be coming back soon.

Ayesha came to us from Mulberry School for Girls (Tower Hamlets) from 11 – 15 October 2016.