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Tuesday 12th July 2016Beyonce - Square
My first day of work experience with Half Moon was at the Rich Mix in Brick Lane, helping out with an event called Drama in the Mix which is a radio drama project by Rich Mix and Half Moon that celebrates the creative talents of young people in East London. I really enjoyed this because it was interesting to see and find out how a radio play works and what you need to do to make it; for example, making the sound effects to suit the situation. I had the job of taking pictures of the day and also making sure that everything was in order and ready which was similar to a role in stage management so had a good time doing that. Also, I love to take pictures! The final presentation of the radio plays went very well with good comments from the judges and the groups all feeling very proud of themselves. For me, it was a great and interactive way to learn about radio plays without being sat at a desk and would enjoy to work in an event like that again.

Wednesday 13th July 2016
Today, I was working in the Half Moon Theatre and got to meet the people who work here as well as have a tour of the building from the cheerful character of Euan. Stephen then introduced me to the world of website making and gave me the task of making the links of the Half Moon Heritage website, which was very long however I felt a good sense of accomplishment when I finished it. I felt very welcomed in the establishment as Chris, Jackie, Phil (even though he wasn’t around much) and Beccy were all very friendly and treated me like a fellow colleague – not just a student on work experience – so I instantly felt like a part of the Half Moon Team.

Thursday 14th July 2016
On Thursday, Beccy gave me a stack of children’s feedback forms to file onto the computer. It was partially fun when reading the comments as the handwriting was barely legible and some of the grammar and spelling mistakes made me laugh. I also had to fill in some online forms for a learning foundation and Stephen asked me to pick my best photos from the ones that I took at Rich Mix to be uploaded onto the website. My favourite part of this day was when I went to the Harford Community Centre and participated in a drama and dance workshop for babies and toddlers. They were all so adorable and it was such a nice feeling watching them dance around and sing with huge smiles on their faces – and who doesn’t like pretending to be a rocket?!

Friday 15th July 2016
Friday was the day that I started to write my blog and it was nice thinking back on the things that I had already done this week, and knowing that I had the rest of the day and Saturday to come was quite exciting. For today, I have planned to watch the premiere of a play called Leaf, which is for 0 – 3 year olds and is about exploring nature and the seasons. I got to watch Stephen take photos to send off for the promotion of Leaf which was quite interesting to watch as I learnt that a slightly different angle can make an entire picture look better and also that the lighting is a very important aspect of the photos and set. It is also useful to be aware of shadows and to avoid them covering the actor’s face and making sure that pictures portray the age range for the performance and make them eye-catching. The performance of Leaf was very good and the children (and parents) seemed to enjoy it a lot. After the performance, Phil took me to one of the many cluttered storage rooms and gave me the task of colour coding fabrics and items of clothing so that they would be easier to find in the future. There was so much stuff to go through – including inflatable palm trees! When it reached four, it was time for me to go and I sadly had to say goodbye to Euan, Chris, Jackie, Stephen and Phil as they wouldn’t be working tomorrow. It was a great pleasure being able to work beside them and be in their company.

Saturday 16th July 2016
I started at 9 today and it was only Beccy and I working. I began the day by making a spreadsheet of celebrated and international days around the world for Stephen so that he could look at it and then associate them with plays from Half Moon for promotion and advertising. It was actually quite interesting because I learnt about different types of celebrated days, including International Coffee Day. Afterwards, I made some more links on the website and filed some feedback forms, then proceeded to finish typing up my blog, which is what I am doing now. If there is one thing that I must say, it is that I had a really good time at Half Moon Theatre (and also Rich Mix), and found that I was great experience for me as I learnt a lot to do with working in theatre, it’s not just performing and putting on shows, it’s also the hard work, time and dedication needed whether you are working in promotion or making the props, filing feedback forms or making a website, every aspect is just as important as the other.
Finally, I would just like to say thank you to Beccy and everyone here at Half Moon for welcoming me and allowing me to have a great time and I hope to be back again soon!

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Beyoncé came to us from Langdon Park School (Tower Hamlets) from 12-16 July 2016.