Blog: Crystal Raybe

Crystal - SquareTo read, or not to read, that is the question. Well I would obviously advise you to read, but if you choose not to just be prepared to have a hole deep in your heart that will not be able to be fixed or repaired.

Hi my name’s Crystal Raybe. This blog is a blog like no other which describes to you the rollercoaster of a time I have had whilst carrying out my work experience here at Half Moon.

Scene 1:

Well day 1, the day it all starts: I felt nervous, excited, curious and well quite ill to be honest. I arrived at Half Moon about 20 minutes early ready to start the day. When I first got to Half moon I was greeted by all the friendly staff in the office including Beccy who had introduced me to Euan who was going to be taking me on a tour of the theatre. As we went up and down the theatre stairs I realised I was starting to feel very, very, very ill. We were on the bottom floor when I stopped for two seconds to catch my breath, but I knew this feeling I was getting in my stomach meant only one thing. That I was going to be sick. I looked for the nearest thing around me which luckily happened to be an old abandoned bin at the door of one of the rooms Euan had showed me. I ran straight for it and boom I was sick inside it on my first day right in front of Euan! #Embarrassing. After that I had to lay on the comfortable sofa and I mean very comfortable sofa in the green room being sick over and over again while Beccy was trying her best to get hold of one of my family members to come and take me home. An hour later my mum came to pick me up to take me home where I needed to get some rest.


Scene 2:

As my alarm went off I made the courageous decision to go into work as I really did not want to miss another day of work. So with a queasy feeling in my stomach I forced myself onto the bus confident that day 2 would be a better day. I had a great day! In the morning I got to look at a lot of old pictures from the theatre years ago and sort them out into folders whilst labelling them. I had a nice McDonald’s lunchbreak and came back to find some yummy lemon cake being passed around the office. After that I got to observe the 8-11 Youth Theatre group called Eclipse who were rehearsing their play all about the production of tea! It was very entertaining and had me left in awe at how much talent these little humans had inside of them! I couldn’t stop saying “tea, coffee, tea, coffee” on my way home from work!


Scene 3:

Day 3 was the most unique day as my shift was from 2:30-8:30 which meant I had a nice lay in and then went to Canary Wharf for a nice lunch with my friend Kandice where we discussed our different experiences whilst being at work. When I finally got to work still reminiscing on my lunch I realised I was twenty minutes early! I dove straight in and started some spreadsheets Beccy asked me to do on a questionnaire asked to year 6 students who were about to start secondary school. I was actually very surprised to actually find that most of these students weren’t actually that bothered (unlike me, I was super nervous for secondary school)!

Shortly after that I got to sit in and observe another 8-11 Youth Theatre group called Equinox who were rehearsing for their play on lightness and darkness which even included a very popular ghost! I know you’re probably thinking that was the end of my day but no and very hard to believe but it actually got better! I then went to watch another Youth Theatre group called Solar who are aged from 12-25. They were practising their play about Gods, Demigods and powers. It was very, very good and once again I was shocked at the talent from the youth at Half Moon. After my late fish at 8:30pm I jumped on theDLR straight home.


Scene 4:

Day 4 was a pretty calm but different day at Half Moon which is I know hard to believe! When I arrived I was extremely confused to see so many children running around the theatre at 10:30 in the morning. This week was Children’s Art Week and so kids from different schools were coming to explore the gallery in the theatre that had been created by an artist named Jenny Wright. She had made all the paintings herself and I was very impressed by her talent and skill to draw. She had hung up all her paintings all over the theatre by herself but there was a twist…The twist was that all her paintings stood for a letter in the alphabet. For example there was a painting of an egg in a saucepan which was called E for egg. I helped a little girl called Sarah go around answering questions about the various paintings. Sarah said her favourite painting was the one called W for wave, she said she liked it because it made her feel like she was really in the sea. After the kids left I had lunch and got to talk a bit more to Jenny and her friend who was really nice and made me feel very welcome at Art Week. Later on in the day I went to watch a woman rehearse for a play she would be performing for 0-3 year olds. I know exactly what you’re thinking and I was thinking the same thing too (a play for 0-3 year olds?) but I can’t lie I was surprised at how good it was! It was all about leaves and nature and was very beautiful to look at with all the different autumn colours. After watching the rehearsal it was time for me to say good night to the Half Moon. (GET IT GOODNIGHT, MOON!!)#Banter


Scene 5:

The final scene. It had come to that all so sad moment which was my last day. As I walked in I was welcomed by all the staff crying and screaming explaining how much they were going to miss me. That didn’t really happen but it would’ve been crazy if it did though right?? #Dramatic Anyway let me start again as I came in Beccy had big news for me… I was going to be watching a performance! It was called ‘Hah!’ and was very unique as the characters weren’t speaking English they were speaking some sort of gibberish which was very intriguing for the audience to watch. After the show Beccy asked me to write a review on the play so I did and one review later it was time for lunch. I grabbed Burger King with some friends in Aldgate and rushed back to work so I wouldn’t go over my hour for lunch. When I came back I was greeted by a to do list from Beccy which included a lot of computer work which I didn’t mind. #OfficeWork

3:37 Curtain Call

As my time at Half Moon starts to end I can say that I’ve had a wonderful time, I have learnt so much here and I will be sure to take all the skills I have developed into my life as an actress in the future. Thanks everyone so much I had a wonderful time!




Crystal came to us from Raine’s Foundation School (Tower Hamlets) from 13-17 June 2016.