Blog: Deng Yan San

Deng Yan SanHi I’m Deng Yan San! I’m currently doing a week’s work experience at the Half Moon as part of the Careers in Theatre Phase 3

2014/15! I will give you a day by day breakdown of what I did and what I liked. I’m loving the experience so far, it’s definitely different to anything that I’ve done before.

My first day of work was on a Saturday, which was probably the most hectic day to start. I began the day with a tour, and there were two other ushers around my age working as well, so I stuck with them and helped them out with printing and cleaning things up – ie bookshelves! I enjoyed doing the listings for the half moon – there’s something so satisfying about checking the “done” box after you’ve finished a whole website. But I couldn’t spend the whole day doing that because the first play was about to start. I was an usher and collected tickets for a play, which was unusual because it was stamps on their hands rather than actual tickets (how environmentally friendly!). I didn’t watch this play however, because I observed and joined in the Sunbeam Youth Theatre. The children were so energetic and lively and even they made me feel included, even though it was slightly overwhelming! After lunch, I ushered and collected tickets again but I got to sit in a showing of the ‘Pied Piper’. The puppetry was amazing and the actress was so sweet. I definitely enjoyed that play, I count it as revision for my English Literature exam since I’m doing Kindertransport and we have to know about the “Ratcatcher”. It wasn’t all fun and games though, after the play I helped pack up the theatre, which included folding chairs and doing quite a lot of lifting – I don’t know how I managed to do it!

Monday was admin day! I helped type up a lot of evaluation forms which gave me an insight about what they were actually used for, and I actually got to type up my own evaluation form which made me giggle! I met a drama production group from a Drama School and I also joined in their tour of the space again. It’s really interesting to see the amount of different people who visit the space here at the Half Moon. I typed up a couple more evaluation forms and wrote up some tweets for the Pop-Up flashback tour! It’s actually so difficult to make sure you’ve included all the information without being repetitive and try to be witty and punny!

On Tuesday I visited the Richard House Children’s Hospice with Beccy. (We went there in a massive orange van! I had never been in a van before. This experience was life changing.) Half Moon was delivering music and drama workshops to families and it was interesting to observe as each workshop was so different every time, and everyone had so much fun! I joined in with the drama workshop delivered by Sam and Tom with a pair of siblings and their friend and a volunteer from the hospice! I had a lot of fun and the weather was beautiful on that day.

I didn’t come in on Wednesday or Thursday unfortunately because I was very ill which I felt very bad about! But I am here now on the Friday and it’s my last day. I began my day doing more admin work and evaluation forms, finishing this blog post and I’m about to sit in a rehearsal for “Up, Up and Away”, then more evaluation forms!

I’ve had a great week here at the Half Moon and it’s been great getting to know everyone and I’ve enjoyed every single day! I hope to come back soon.

Deng Yan came to us from George Green’s School (Tower Hamlets) from 14th-20th February 2015.


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