Blog: Devki Makwana

Devki (square)Hi, my name is Devki I am writing a blog about my experience here at the Half Moon Theatre!

Waking up to my alarm, which I probably snoozed over a gazillion times, I realised I have to get ready and leave to go to the Half Moon Theatre so I rushed out of bed and power walked out of the door. It was freezing on Monday but when I entered Half Moon a rush of warmth hit me and it was such a lovely environment. I walked up the stairs whilst admiring the artwork and the vibrant colours which mesmerised my eyes. I walked into the office full of faces with smiles and I met my supervisor Beccy. Beccy was really nice and assigned me to my first task which was to help out with the tech set up in the theatre. I got to learn how the lights work and how to set them up and at first I thought it was going to be boring but I really enjoyed it as I now know how a theatre is set up before a show and let me tell you it’s hard work but a lot of fun! After that I went to Beccy to ask if there was anything else she wanted me to do and she told me that I needed to transfer info to London Bubble’s website which I never heard of until Monday. And let me tell you I love admin work, so when she gave me the sheets of info I started right away and due to my love of admin and my speedy fingers I was able to finish them in no time and I was told I have an hour of lunch and I thought a break? For the first time in forever I never really wanted to stop but oh well, I went in the lift upstairs to the Green Room which may just be one of my favourite places here. The Green Room is so comfortable and it’s a lovely place to have tea and your afternoon meal which for me was a sandwich which I enjoyed eating on the sofa that was so so comfortable you could fall asleep instantly.

After my hour was done I went back to Beccy and was assigned more and as I am so fast I was able to finish them in less time than expected and as I was having so much fun my day was over and I just couldn’t wait till the next day.

On Tuesday I was running to Half Moon as I hate being late and I just couldn’t wait to walk into the nice warm atmosphere and there I waited until the doors opened and I walked in with a relieved sigh and walked up the stairs to see the foyer full of colour and to see everyone smiling away whilst talking to each other. And I saw Beccy’s welcoming face and I hang my coat up and log into my computer ready for a new day, forgetting about school and any stress as when I’m here I feel so much better. Beccy told me everything I was going to do today and I was just ready to do it and have fun! So I started on the London Bubble uploading and ended with a 1hr 10min walk with Abi. It was really fun as I got to know her whilst walking around Tower Hamlets giving primary schools bunches of leaflets for a touring show called ‘Our Teacher’s a Troll’ which is staring an actor from ‘Love Actually’! How cool is that!

Walking back from Guardian Angels Primary School talking about our favourite Shakespearean plays the time was flying so fast and we made it back to Half Moon in no time. Sadly I wasn’t able to stay till 6 as I had to leave early but I couldn’t wait until the next day as I was staying till 6 to watch the Youth Theatre and I was full of excitement for Wednesday.

The office was very quiet on Wednesday as most of the staff have gone touring with the ‘Our Teacher’s a Troll’ but I was wished “good morning” by Jackie and Stephen and was welcomed to stay with them on the other side of the office which I found very heart-warming as I didn’t want to be by myself. I was told to carry on with my blog and I had so much to write about this lovely place it’s unbelievable. Around 4pm I was told to go and watch the Equinox Youth Theatre and I walked into a lovely environment full of kids that were ready to have fun! I sat down and was welcomed by all of them and it was one of the most sweetest things ever. They started off by playing games and then they split up into their groups and I was lucky to join one and I had one of the best times ever with the little kids and I even helped with their freeze frames and I must say they’re all so so creative and after they performed their small acts I clapped shamelessly with joy.

Sadly on Thursday I got a day off however Friday was pretty awesome as I was finishing off some database work and then watched a rehearsal for ‘Up in the Attic’ and I was so amazed at how the play made me feel like a child again and how the actors started to act like little kids was pretty awesome. After I sadly had to say goodbye to Jackie and Stephen and I do hope to see them again soon. I was told Saturday is one of the busiest days in the week so I couldn’t wait to work on a Saturday and it was pretty awesome and weirdly I encountered one of my old friends who is an usher here and she was telling me how fun it is to work here and I would love to work here. Around 1.30pm I watched ‘Where do Caterpillars Go’ and it was pretty awesome considering it’s for little kids and I am 15! The play was so colourful and I felt like one of the little kids on the pillow mats sitting on the floor amazed by the colours. After the play finished I helped clean up and went to lunch in the Green Room, I hated the feeling that it could be my last time in the Green Room however I knew I would come back soon. And here I am writing my blog on Stephen’s computer laughing whilst writing it as I had so much fun this week and would love to come back again to such a lovely environment. Wouldn’t ask for a better week as it was AMAZING at Half Moon.

Devki came to us from Morpeth School (Tower Hamlets) from 19th-24th October 2015